Remarrying into Wealth By Bennett Snider Chapter 88

Remarrying into Wealth By Bennett Snider Chapter 88

Chapter 88 

Nora quickly stepped forward and pulled David, saying, David, you must 

have mistaken the person. Alice passed away more than twenty years ago.” 

David was still in a daze. Yes, he had left Alice alone and gone abroad for 

further studies. Shortly after he left, he heard that Alice had already passed 

away. It had been more than twenty years

It’s too similar.David coughed lightly, disguising his previous loss of 

composure. I’m sorry, I mistook you for someone else.” 

He took a deep breath, composed himself, and walked up to Sherry, saying

Miss, my son really likes this private room. I’ve decided to have our meal here. There are only two of you, so you can go to the main hall.” 

Can’t two people use the private room?Sherry had originally planned to 

take Mr. Sniper upstairs first, but at this moment, she saw Violet and Sophia. She instantly understood that this middleaged man in front of her was most likely Sophia’s influential stepfather

With such an overbearing manner, it was no wonder he had raised such

spoiled child

Her gaze coldly swept across Sophia, followed by Violet. Then she sneered

I’m sorry; I arrived here first. I haven’t finished eating yet. If you want to use 

this private room, go to the main hall and wait for a while. You can come in 

after we finish our meal.” 

Violet also didn’t expect to meet Sherry here today

In order to calm Sophia and the two inlaws, she wanted to do her best to 

hide Malcolm’s previous marriage history, especially this lowly exwife

She sternly shouted, Sherry, who do you think you are? Is this how you talk to 

your elders? Get out of here!” 

I can’t leave,Sherry sat directly in her original seat and raised her hand

saying, Waitress, please give me a menu. I want to order.” 

The waitress was a bit at a loss. She couldn’t understand why Sherry, who 

had been easy to talk to just now, suddenly changed into a different person

as if she had a conflict with these new customers. She didn’t budge an inch

She hesitated and handed the menu over, saying, Do you want to order 


Yes, right now.Sherry took the menu, and her expression turned cold. Also

please kindly ask these impolite and uncivilized people to leave. Can’t you 

manage the customers in your hotel?” 

The waitress could only nod and say, Um, would you like to join me in

private room next door? The decor is the same as here. After all, this 

gentleman and lady have already reserved this place, and they haven’t finished their meal yet.” 

Who are you calling impolite and lacking manners?Sophia now had 

someone backing her up, so she was becoming more arrogant. Sherry, you really are uneducated!” 

Yes, my education may not be as good as yours, but at least I don’t behave 

Chapter 88 A Good Show 

improperly and seduce my own brotherinlaw.” 

Sophia didn’t expect Sherry, who used to be tonguetied, to have such

quick retort. She was momentarily at a loss for words and afraid of angering 

Malcolm. You… 

Did I say something wrong?Sherry sneered. Sophia, I didn’t provoke you

but you keep coming to provoke me over and over again.” 

Sophia was furious; her eyes widened. Sherry, are you done yet?” 

Alright, alright,Nora said. We’re all actually one family; it’s just a small misunderstanding. There’s no need to argue to this extent. Sherry, since we happened to meet today, let me introduce you. This is my husband, and this 

is our son, Joseph. You’ve already met him once, backstage at the car 

exhibition. Joseph, be a good boy and greet her.” 

Joseph spat directly at Sherry. I won’t do it. This ugly freak doesn’t deserve 

my attention!” 

Joseph!Nora frowned. You can’t be so rude. Apologize to her.” 

I won’t! I didn’t do anything wrong! This ugly freak threw away my basketball 

and even scolded me. I won’t greet her!” 

Joseph started shouting, and Nora ignored him, allowing him to cry and 

shout. It seemed like she was deliberately stirring up trouble

Joseph was the only child of David, and he was the apple of his father’s eye

David always spoiled him, giving him whatever he wanted. Ever since he was young, let alone apologize, he had never even said thank you

Sherry could force Sophia into silence, but she couldn’t do the same with 


Sure enough, David felt sorry for his son and shouted angrily, No need to 

apologize! Why should Joseph apologize? Is she even worthy?” 

Tensions rose, and the atmosphere was tensed

The waitress was also at a loss. Neither group seemed willing to back down

and she was afraid that this brat would smash the private room as well. She 

was getting nervous

Don’t be angry; let’s calm down.” 

Sherry glanced at her and handed the menu back to her. Let’s start with

set meal for two. You can leave first.” 

The waitress felt relieved. Okay, okay, I’ll put your order” 

WaitMr. Sniper, who had been silent all along, sat upright behind Sherry, his 

long legs crossed and his hands folded on his lap. Serve us all the dishes 

listed on your menu.” 

The waiter was taken aback. This” 

Is it not possible?” 

No, no, it’s possible, butour hotel has hundreds of dishes. There are only two 

of you. Isn’t it a bit too much?” 

Not too much,Mr. Sniper said. My girlfriend is pregnant and has cravings

She eats what she likes and leaves out what she doesn’t. You don’t have to 

take away the dishes that she doesn’t eat. Consider it a treat for the people 

who came later. It won’t go to waste.” 

As soon as he said this, David’s expression changed almost instantly

When had he ever been humiliated like this

Dude, your attitude is quite something.” 

Well,” Mr. Sniper didn’t argue. I used to believe that a person’s attitude 

should align with their status and cultivation. However, meeting you today 

has completely changed my perspective.” 

David’s gaze froze. What do you mean?” 

Exactly what you understood,Mr. Sniper smirked. Am I not right, Mr. David 


The chair beside Sherry fell to the ground. She had intended to sit down and 

wait for the food, but upon hearing the name David Jimenez,she couldn’t 

maintain her composure

David could very well be her father

But how could he marry Nora and have a son

So, he had abandoned his wife and unborn daughter for his younger 

brother’s wife

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Read Remarrying into Wealth By Bennett Snider

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