Remarrying into Wealth By Bennett Snider Chapter 89

Remarrying into Wealth By Bennett Snider Chapter 89

Chapter 89 

The news was so shocking that Sherry couldn’t recover for a long time


Even as the waiters brought in dish after dish and placed them on the table

she remained in a daze

Sherry?Mr. Sniper called softly

Huh?Sherry snapped back to reality, but David and his entourage were no 

longer in sight. Where did they go?” 

They left,Mr. Sniper said. The Ford family couldn’t afford to lose face, so they 

had to leave.” 

Sherry felt lost. She grabbed Mr. Sniper’s hand and asked incredulously, Was 

that really David? Did you already know that he married my aunt and had


Sherry, calm down and listen to me.Mr. Sniper gently stroked her back.

10:47 Thu, 14 Dec. 

Chapter 89 Incomparable 



knew this news would be difficult for you to accept, so I didn’t tell you directly

But unfortunately, they showed up today, and sooner or later, the truth had to 

come out. Instead of facing this alone and helpless, I’d rather be by your 


Sherry’s hands and feet turned cold. She shook her head lightly. So, what 

you’re saying is that when Aunt Nora left the Jimenez family and David left 

my mother, they were already having an affair?” 

Feelings are something that can’t be proven. Only they themselves know 

what happened between them. My people could only find out that they 

registered their marriage five years after your mother’s death. No one knows 

what happened between them during those five years.” 

Sherry lost her appetite. She could not think straight. She had longed for her father for so long, and she had imagined countless times what it would be 

like to reunite with him. She had also thought that maybe there was another reason behind his departure. But now, everything was not what she 

imagined. How could she accept it

10:47 Thu, 14 Dec 

Chapter 89 Incomparable 

And what about her uncle? How would he take this

Don’t you want to eat?” 

No, I have no appetite.” 

Mr. Sniper didn’t force her. He just placed the mashed potato in front of her 

and softly persuaded her, You still have a child in your stomach. You can’t 

skip meals. This mashed potato is easy to digest. Just eat a little.” 

Sherry obediently ate it, but she couldn’t taste anything at all

It was a sleepless night. The next morning, when Mr. Sniper got up to go to 

work, she followed him as usual, preparing breakfast for him


However, Mr. Sniper pushed her back into bed, saying, Just lie down today 

and rest well. Don’t worry too much. I’ll have a caregiver look after your uncle

Even if Nora and Sophia want to come, they won’t be able to step into the 


10:47 Thu, 14 Dec 

Chapter 89 Incomparable 

Sherry could only nod

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, I’ll call Camila to come and keep you 

company today, okay?” 

Not long after Mr. Sniper left, Camila arrived



Sherry hadn’t had time to change her clothes, so she opened the door for her 

in her pajamas. Camila, you’re here.” 

Camila yawned, her eyes halfclosed. Sherry, I’m so tired” 

As soon as Camila entered, she immediately lay down on the bed 

comfortably, and she complained, Your Mr. Sniper is so heartless! He called 

me at 6:30 in the morning and asked me to come here. It’s pitiful; I’ve never gotten up at 6:30 in my life.” 

Sherry felt a little guilty and spoke softly, I’m sorry, he’s just worried about 


10:47 Thu, 14 Dec 

Chapter 89 Incomparable 


It’s okay,Camila waved her hand. If you make me some food, I’ll feel better

I’m easy to please. Food can make our friendship last forever.” 

Camila always had the ability to lift people’s spirits

Sherry chuckled softly. Alright, you can lie down for a while longer. I’ll go make 

some food for you.” 

Camila quickly grabbed her and said, Hey, no rush. I can eat at any time.

need to ask first. Did something happen that made Mr. Sniper so anxious and 

wake me up to come and keep you company? My dad told me that Malcolm 

and Sophia’s wedding is going to happen soon. He even received the 

invitation. You’re not upset about this, are you?” 


That’s good. If you’re still sad because of that scumbag, I’ll give you a good lecture.” 

Camila crossed her hands behind her head, propped one leg up on the other 

10:48 Thu, 14 Dec 

Chapter 89 Incomparable 


knee, and wiggled her feet. Sherry, what does it feel like to be pregnant? I’ve 

seen it on TV dramas: pregnant women feel nauseous and all that. Do you 

have any of those symptoms?” 


Sherry shook her head. Not yet, but it’s still early days. Who knows if I’ll have 

morning sickness in the future?” 

It’s okay, even if you do. Your Mr. Sniper will take care of you. He must have


Sherry raised an eyebrow. Why do you think so highly of Mr. Sniper?” 

Camila gave her a disdainful look. That’s because he seems like the perfect 

man! Especially having had someone like Malcolm before, Mr. Sniper has 

been portrayed as an exceptional man! And I have to say, based on my 

observation, that Mr. Sniper really takes care of you. He’s like a caring father!” 

A caring father?” 

Exactly. He takes care of you in every way, just like a father would,Camila 

10:48 Thu, 14 Dec 


Chapter 89 Incomparable 

grumbled as she rolled around on the bed with her blanket. I really want 

someone like this too! But let’s forget about it; I can’t even stand my own 

father’s temper. Sherry, have you ever fantasized about what your father 

would be like?” 


Of course she had. She had been fantasizing since she was born. Her mother 

had a photo that allowed her to yearn, but her father had left no clues. It was 

definitely a lie to say she hadn’t fantasized

Probablyhe has forgotten about my mother, and then he becomes 

successful, gets married, and has a good life.” 

Camila sensed her disappointment and felt that it reminded her of her own 

identity. She turned over and embraced her. You’re right. Back then, studying 

abroad must have been quite an accomplishment. Whether he stayed 

overseas or returned after completing his studies, he should have had

promising future. Sherry, do you still have the desire to find him?” 

No, I don’t, Sherry answered firmly. “If he could heartlessly abandon

10:48 Thu, 14 Dec

Chapter 89 Incomparable 

pregnant wife, it means my mother was insignificant to him. Why should

bother searching for him? Perhaps he already has a happy family, and

would only be causing trouble.” 

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Chapter 1 Fallopian Tube Obstruction "What did I say? It's your problem that you can't conceive! Now that the test results are out, let's see what you have to say!" Sherry Wilson's grip on the test report wavered. When she saw the words "Blocked Fallopian Tubes" inscribed on it, she felt a chill from head to toe. After four years of marriage to Malcolm Ford, she still couldn't get pregnant. Her mother-in-law pointed at her, with a furious look, implying that she was about to devour her. People passing by glanced at her as if she were a joke, pointing and gossiping, adding to the chaos. Malcolm was the only son of the Ford family, and she understood her mother-in-law's desire for a grandson. So she had silently endured it all this time. "Mom," Sherry said patiently, "let's go home and talk." "That's my home, not yours. Get it straight! I have never recognized you as a member of the Ford family. You're not worthy!" Her mother-in-law's words were venomous. Sherry closed her eyes, feeling helpless. "We are legally married, and we have a marriage certificate." "I'm telling you, Sherry, divorce Malcolm immediately! You won't get a penny of the Ford family's wealth!" As more people gathered around her, the sweltering weather and their piercing stares made her feel even more humiliated. Sherry took a deep breath, feeling helpless and hopeless.


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