Remarrying into Wealth By Bennett Snider Chapter 87

Remarrying into Wealth By Bennett Snider Chapter 87

Chapter 87 


Mr. Sniper always wore a mask during the day and sat in the private room for 

peace and privacy. If he went out to the lobby, where many people could see 

him wearing a mask, they would definitely gossip about him

Sherry spoke politely: I’m sorry, but it’s inconvenient for us. Can you go and 

ask the guests in other private rooms?” 

The waitress also looked worried. I’ve already asked, and there are at least 

five or six people in the other private rooms. The largest table in the lobby is only for four people, so it’s impossible to accommodate everyone. Only your table has two peopleMiss, could you please help us? We’re having a hard 

time as well.” 

Sherry was not the type of person who was difficult to talk to. On the contrary

she was considerate of the waitresssituation

So she said, Then, Mr. Sniper, shall we take the food back to our hotel room 

and eat?” 


Thu, 14 Dec 

Chapter 87 You’re Not Any Lesser 

The waitressface lit up when she heard this: Thank you so much.” 


No, we’re not leaving.Mr. Sniper, however, changed his usual attitude and 

spoke coldly, We’ll eat here.” 

Sherry nudged him, Why? The waitress is also having a hard time. Whether 

we eat here or go back to our room, it’s the same.” 

Sherry, this is the second thing I want to teach you. Never let yourself be 

taken advantage of. As long as others think you’re soft, they will continue to 

take advantage of you. If we give up the private room today, then in the 

future, if we encounter the same situation, will we still have to give up? We paid for our meal here, and the food here is three or four times more 

expensive than the market price. What I’m buying are the service and 


Mr. Sniper sat upright, speaking with a deep and calm tone. Miss, I’m not 

intentionally making things difficult for you, and I do understand that your job 

is not easy. However, I’m sorry to say that the damage to the private room is 

1945 Thu 14 Dec 



the hotel’s problem. Please find someone to fix it quickly. The guests next door 

arrived later, and everything should be done in order. Even if I’m the only one 

here today, I was the first to pay for this private room, and no one has the 

right to make me give it up. Do you understand?” 

The waitress smiled awkwardly and said, I understand. I’m sorry for the 


The waitress left, and the door to the private room was closed

Sherry lost her appetite a bit. Actually, it’s not a big deal this time. The guests 

next door must be very difficult to deal with; otherwise, the waitress wouldn’t 

have come to us for help

So, people who are not difficult are at a disadvantage?Mr. Sniper 

halfjokingly said, Sherry, let me give you an example. When you were in the 

Ford family, you did all the household chores and had to be nitpicked by 

Violet. But now, Sophia is bossing around, even ordering takeout for meals

Will Violet dare to kick her out of the house too?” 

Chapter 87 Youre Not Any Lesser 

This remark was a bit harsh. But Sherry understood that Mr. Sniper was 

looking out for her


In the past, she had been too accommodating. Regardless of whether it was 

her fault or not, as long as Violet got angry, she would always be the first to 

back down, and Violet would become more and more unreasonable. In her 

opinion, she was trying to reduce disagreements and arguments in the 

family, but in Violet’s eyes, she was probably an easy target

Sherry forced a smile. You’re right, but there’s one more thing. Sophia has her 

mother and a powerful stepfather, and she’s also carrying the only grandson 

of the Ford family. She can easily resist Violet. She’s much stronger than me

Who could I rely on back then?” 

But did your repeated tolerance bring understanding or compassion?Mr. 

Sniper held her hand and said, The weak will always be weak, and the strong 

will always be strong. Never expect others to pity you; it’s the most useless 


Sherry nodded. I understand what you mean. You want me to learn to be 

strong on my own.” 

Be confident and strong; you are the most wonderful girl in my heart, not 

less than anyone else.” 

Sherry’s heart warmed, and she nodded

She quickly finished her food and then reached out to hold his hand. I’m 

done eating; can we go back to the room now? This private room can be 


Mr. Sniper sighed, feeling helpless. His girl always tried her best to be kind, but 

sooner or later, she would have to realize that kindness didn’t always lead to 

good outcomes

Suddenly, the door of the private room was forcefully pushed open with

-loud bang

The wooden door slammed hard against the wall behind it, causing the 

decorative paintings hanging on the wall to shake

Wow, why is it you again, you ugly freak?Joseph walked in, holding

basketball and humming a tune. He looked around, and his eyes lit up

quickly shouting outside the door, Mom! Come and see! This private room is 

bigger and more beautiful than ours! Let’s eat here!” 

Sherry also recognized this little boy, who had caused a scene in the 

backstage dressing room of a car exhibition. Her expression didn’t look too 


Mr. Sniper protected Sherry, standing in front of her, and asked, Do you know 


I met him backstage at the car exhibition yesterday. He caused

commotion in the dressing room, breaking a lot of things.She took a deep 

breath and added, He is my aunt’s son, the halfbrother of Sophia.” 

Mr. Sniper understood, and he got serious

While they were talking, Nora and David arrived. Violet came next, and 

surprisingly, Malcolm and Sophia were also there. It was a coincidence that 

they happened to meet here

Sherry noticed a middleaged man standing next to Nora

He was dressed in a formal suit and polished shoes, with meticulously styled 

hair. He looked dominant, making it clear that he was not easily 


Since Joseph likes it, let’s eat here.David spoke and then turned to ask Nora

Nora, what do you think of this place?” 

Nora naturally replied gently, As long as you both like it, I’m fine with it.” 

David smiled contentedly, saying, Then let’s stay here. Where are the 

waiters? Please bring some chairs and serve the food quickly. We are all hungry

Just as he said that, the waiter hurriedly arrived and said, Oh, sir, why did you 

come by yourselves? I was just about to tell you that I arranged the adjacent 

private room for you.” 

I don’t want to go! I want to stay here!Joseph pouted, holding David’s hand 

and acting spoiled. Dad, I don’t care; I want to eat here. Make that 

unpleasant person go away!” 

David frowned, asking, Which unpleasant person?” 

Joseph pointed her finger and said, It’s her! She threw away my basketball at 

the ear exhibition last time. Dad, make her compensate!” 

David looked at Sherry’s plain little face. He was completely stunned. Alice?” 

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Read Remarrying into Wealth By Bennett Snider

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Chapter 1 Fallopian Tube Obstruction "What did I say? It's your problem that you can't conceive! Now that the test results are out, let's see what you have to say!" Sherry Wilson's grip on the test report wavered. When she saw the words "Blocked Fallopian Tubes" inscribed on it, she felt a chill from head to toe. After four years of marriage to Malcolm Ford, she still couldn't get pregnant. Her mother-in-law pointed at her, with a furious look, implying that she was about to devour her. People passing by glanced at her as if she were a joke, pointing and gossiping, adding to the chaos. Malcolm was the only son of the Ford family, and she understood her mother-in-law's desire for a grandson. So she had silently endured it all this time. "Mom," Sherry said patiently, "let's go home and talk." "That's my home, not yours. Get it straight! I have never recognized you as a member of the Ford family. You're not worthy!" Her mother-in-law's words were venomous. Sherry closed her eyes, feeling helpless. "We are legally married, and we have a marriage certificate." "I'm telling you, Sherry, divorce Malcolm immediately! You won't get a penny of the Ford family's wealth!" As more people gathered around her, the sweltering weather and their piercing stares made her feel even more humiliated. Sherry took a deep breath, feeling helpless and hopeless.


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