Divine Pregnancy Mister Greeting at Dawn Chapter 29

Divine Pregnancy Mister Greeting at Dawn Chapter 29

Chapter 29 Are You Disappointed to See Me

The sound was loud enough to ring out through the room and the corridor

As Zachary entered the elevator with Julie in his arms, coincidentally, there was music playing inside, and he didn’t hear it

His cold, noble, handsome face remained unchanged

The elevator doors gradually closed, crushing all of Gladyshopes

Despair engulfed her, and a wave of sadness washed over her

Gladys thought, I’m finished.” 

Colin was furious. You bitch. I’ll make you kneel and beg for mercy today.” 

He raised his hand to slap her again

Weak and defenseless, Gladys couldn’t resist. She instinctively closed her eyes, bracing herself for the impending slap

However, the anticipated pain never materialized. 

How dare you hit her?The man’s mellifluous voice echoed, exuding dominance and danger

Gladys opened her eyes and beheld an incredibly gentle and charming man, appearing flawless as the silver light illuminated him

It was Justin

Help me.” After a cry for help, she fainted

Leslie stretched out his long arms to pick her up. His face, which was always gentle, turned grim as he lifted his leg… 

Colin was kicked half a meter away and fell to his knees

His obese face was twisted, It hurts!” 

YouYou can’t take her away. I bought her. She’s my woman.” 


Leslie cast a disdainful glance at Colin, refraining from responding. Instead, she signaled the special assistant at his side and transported Gladys to the hospital. 

Gladys had slipped into unconsciousness, lying quietly and weakly in his arms. Her delicate, makeupfree face appeared pitiable

Unexplainably, Leslie felt concerned for her, experiencing a strange sense of familiarity

Yet he couldn’t tell why

Half an hour later, at the hospital

The doctor came out of the treatment room and reported respectfully

Mr. Griffith, this lady isn’t in serious danger. She’s just weakened. There are still special prohibited drugs in her system. Our hospital can’t fully eliminate them. We need an antidote… 

Leslie pondered, Prohibited drugs?” 

He furrowed his brow, reluctant to imagine what had befallen Gladys. He reached for his phone, intending to make a call, but was interrupted by Edward Austin, his special assistant

Mr. Griffith, Colin is under control. Additionally, there’s an issue at the venue. Reporters and collaborators are waiting. You need to handle it personally.” 

Typically, Edward could handle most matters, so anything he claimed he couldn’t resolve must be challenging

Leslie glanced at the illuminated treatment room, deliberated for a moment, and calmly said, Okay.” He ended the call and instructed the doctor, Take care of her.” 

Then, he turned away and called Zachary halfway through

Zachary, your wife is in the hospital. I have something to do. I’ll leave first.” 

After spending some time together, they changed the ways they called each other

Zachary raised his eyebrows slightly and looked at Julie lying on the bed. You are mistaken.Zachary guessed it was Gladys

Leslie curved his lips. I met your wife before. How can I be mistaken? You don’t 


know she was kidnapped and drugged?” 

Zachary thought, Kidnapped

She wasn’t with Colin willingly?” 

Zachary’s pupils constricted in shock

Leslie added. Colin was assaulting her when I arrived. She called for help and lost consciousness. You should investigate it thoroughly.” 

After the call, Zachary sat stoically, his expression cold, surprised at the information he had just received

At that moment, when Zachary saw Gladys arm in arm with that man, he felt at surge of anger, assuming she was promiscuous and shameless. Consequently, het ignored her before carrying Julie away

He was unaware that Gladys hadn’t been kidnapped

Zachary stood up abruptly, his handsome face tense. Jacob, prepare a car. I’m going out.” 

Got it, Mr. Bradshaw,Jacob quickly went to the garage

Julie didn’t expect that Zachary would still refuse to stay with her when she pretended to be in so much pain

She asked curiously, Zachary, what’s wrong? What’s going on? I don’t want you to go” 

Zachary looked at her weak face. To avoid her worrying, he didn’t tell her the truth. It’s about work. Have a rest. I’ll let Timothy come over to take care of you.” 

With those words, he didn’t give her a chance to refuse, striding toward the door

Julie clenched her hands in anger

She thought, Why? Why does he always put work first? Everything matters more than me to him

Can he not just look at me and pamper me?” 

Chapter 29 Are You Disappointed to See Me

Inside the luxury limitededition Maybach

As soon as Zachary sat in the car, he ordered in a cold voice, Look into Gladyssituation.” 

Jacob was shocked, thinking, out in such a hurry for Gladys 

Mr Bradshaw came and even left Ms. Julie Almond alone in pain

If Ms. Julie Almond knows about this, how sad will she be?” 

Not daring to say anything, Jacob quickly investigated the matter

A few minutes later, there was a result

Mr. Bradshaw, Colin is a famous bully in Salvon City. He is rich and powerful. He often forces women

He met Ms. Gladys Almond several months ago and was attracted to her. Some time ago, he bought Ms. Gladys Almond from her foster mother for 5,000 dollars and kidnapped her in a bar

He drugged Ms. Gladys Almond today and brought her to the venue, trying to curry favor with Leslie so he could get the contract

Also, Edward has handed Colin over to me, saying that Colin had the antidote to cure Ms. Julie Almond.” 

Jacob’s voice was clear and strong, floating through the air. His words were shocking

After saying that, even Jacob was surprised. Ms. Gladys Almond was actually treated like that by her foster mom, so she was forced by him in the bar at that time” 

Zachary’s handsome face blurred in the light, and coldness flickered in his amber eyes

Let Colin hand over the antidote and take it to the hospital. We’ll fix him later.”” 

Got it, Mr. Bradshaw,Jacob replied respectfully

Soon, the car arrived at the hospital

Zachary stepped straight into the ward


The hushed, opulent hospital room carried the scent of formalin. Gladys lay in the bed, still unconscious. Despite her petite and slender frame, the mark from the slap on her face was clearly visible

Zachary thought, She could have sought help at that moment, but instead, she inquired about Julie.” 

What a foolish woman!” 

WaterIn Zachary’s trance, Gladys’s feeble, hoarse voice echoed. Without waiting for a response, she weakly waved her hand, attempting to reach for water

A muted groan of pain escaped her as the IV needle in the back of her hand tugged

Zachary’s eyes darkened as he approached. Gently placing her hand back on the bed, he took a dropper to offer her water

Jacob thought, My goodness. The noble and proud Mr. Bradshaw is actually taking care of Gladys

I wonder what Ms. Julie Almond would think if she saw this.” 

Jacob understood something. He turned around and walked out of the ward to get the antidote

Gladys drank the water. It was sweet, moistening her dry throat and making her feel much more comfortable

She thought, Is someone taking care of me?” 

An image of Justin saving her subconsciously popped into her mind, and her heart. fluttered with joy

Her eyes snapped open. However, she sat up in shock as she saw the cold and handsome man in front of her

Mr. Bradshaw, why are youHer small voice was clearly downcast

Zachary’s eyes narrowed

Are you disappointed to see me

Or do you wish someone else were here?” 


Divine Pregnancy Mister Greeting at Dawn

Divine Pregnancy Mister Greeting at Dawn

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 12/9/2023 Native Language: English
Divine Pregnancy, Mister Greeting at Dawn" is a captivating novel that unfolds a mystical journey of profound transformation. Fusing spirituality and dawn's serenity, it explores the miraculous journey of a woman's pregnancy, intertwining divine elements and the magic of new beginnings.

Divine Pregnancy Mister Greeting at Dawn

  Chapter 1 Get Married Tomorrow "Push harder!" With a scream from Gladys Almond, the baby was born. Doctors exclaimed, "It's born. It's a boy! "It's as handsome as Mr. Bradshaw!" Gladys lay weakly on the bed with a pale face, gazing at the infant. The newborn was tiny, with fair skin and a robust cry, inheriting his father's exceptional appearance. Smiling, Gladys extended her arms to reach for the baby. However, a beautiful woman suddenly snatched the baby and settled on another mobile bed. "Gladys, thank you for giving birth to my child. I'll take him," declared the woman. In the light, the woman bore an uncanny resemblance to Gladys. It was her twin sister, Julie Almond.


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