Divine Pregnancy Mister Greeting at Dawn Chapter 30

Divine Pregnancy Mister Greeting at Dawn Chapter 30

Chapter 30 His Tenderness 

Zachary asked two questions in a row and raised his voice in the end, releasing an oppressive aura

Gladys was embarrassed. She had thought Justin had saved her and taken care of her, so, of course, she was disappointed

Now that she thought about it, it was Leslie who saved her

She curved her lips. No. I am just a little surprised.” 

Zachary naturally knew she wasn’t telling the truth, but he didn’t bother to pursue this matter. What do you want me to do with your foster mom and Colin?” 

What?Gladys looked at him in amazement

She thought, Why does he sound like he is helping and protecting me? Other than Justin, no one has ever promised to help me.” 

Feeling uneasy, she said, You don’t need to do anything with my foster mom, I will find her later. As for Colin, can we send him to jail? I’m worried that he’ll harm other girls.” 

She spoke carefully, afraid that he wouldn’t help her. After all, Colin was powerful in Salvon City, and he had a big backer, so no one went against him

As far as Zachary was concerned, there was no one he couldn’t go against

He said coldly, Yes.” 

Gladys was happy. Thank you. Sure enough, in this society, only violence can beat violence, and only power can beat power.Powerless people like her could only be bullied, no one would care about their complaints

Zachary seemed to understand the sadness and helplessness in her voice. He smiled

In the future, when you get in trouble, you can call me and call for help at once. Don’t be that stupid again.” 

Gladysheart trembled

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She wanted to argue that she was not stupid at all. The point was that he didn’t sound truly bossy. It was more like he was caring about her. The uneasiness and warmth in her heart grew stronger as she took a deep breath

Gladys thought. What am I thinking about? He’s Julie’s fiancé. He must be taking care of me for the sake of Julie and Mars.” 

By the way, where’s Julie? How is she? Is she not feeling well?” 

Zachary gave her a cold look. Instead of caring about others, you should care about yourself.” 

As soon as he said that, Jacob arrived at the door of the ward with the doctor. Mr. Bradshaw, I got the antidote. The doctor will treat Ms. Almond.” 

He paused, obviously having something else to say

Zachary turned around elegantly and instructed the doctor, Apply medicine to her face.” 

Then, he strode out of the ward

Hearing this, Gladys looked in the mirror and realized that half of her face was 


She thought, I talked to him with this face just now? That was so embarrassing.” 

In the corridor, Jacob whispered in embarrassment, Mr. Bradshaw, while looking for the antidote at Colin’s house, I found this” 

A stack of photos and a DV were shakily handed over. They showed Gladysbeing tied up and raped by Colin

Zachary cursed inwardly, Damn!” 

His eyes suddenly blazed with anger, looking terrifying

Zachary felt that the legal sanctions were too good for Colin

He said sternly, Emasculate Colin and throw him to the border war camp

Jacob trembled in fear, not daring to imagine what would happen if the emasculated Colin was thrown into the war camp


Chapter 30 His Tendemess 

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He bowed his head and was about to say okay when he heard Zachary’s cold voice 


Remove the traces of this matter and destroy all the photos. Don’t reveal it.” 

It was an irresistible order

Jacob knew that this was to protect Gladys, but Zachary’s face was full of rage. It seemed as if his woman had been ruined

Not daring to say more, he lowered his head. Got it, Mr. Bradshaw.” 

After Jacob left, Zachary looked at Gladys, who was being treated in the ward, his eyes cold and unreadable


He thought, If I had listened to Mars yesterday morning and gone over there with her or made a little more effort to find her last night, would she have suffered all those things

How can she forget those terrible things?” 

Zachary stayed in the ward, as noble and aloof as a god

Gladys was extremely uncomfortable, trying to find an excuse to get him to leave, but she did not know what to say

In the quiet ward, they were alone together. The atmosphere was inexplicably awkward

After a long time, Zachary opened his mouth first. Are there any other injuries on your body? If you need a personal doctor or psychiatrist, you can just tell me.” 

Gladys was confused

She wondered, Why would I need a personal doctor or psychiatrist? Does he think I am very timid and that I am scared?” 

Gladys shook her head. I’m fine.” 

Zachary looked at her more intensely. He thought she was pretending to be strong

He stood up. Don’t take it too hard. I’ve asked Jacob to deal with it. You can stay alone for a while.” 

He had never comforted anyone before. This was the first time



After saying that, he turned to leave, giving her the chance to cry alone“. 

Gladys was puzzled

She thought, Why do I feel something is wrong? Did he misunderstand something?” 

At five o’clock in the afternoon

Gladys was discharged from the hospital after the drug and poison in her body dissipated. She followed Zachary back to Sunset Ridge Estates because she was worried about Mars

She did not expect that Julie would be at the villa

In the bright light, Julie was wearing an apron and arranging dishes. She looked beautiful, relaxed, gentle, and graceful, acting like the hostess of this villa

Seeing Gladys and Zachary come back together, Julie was furious, her hand veins. bulging, and the fork in her hand was bent

Julie thought, He said he had to do some work, and it turned out he went to find Gladys

And how did the damned Gladys get saved?” 

Gladys froze under Julie’s hostile gaze, not knowing how to explain it

Gladys thought, No matter what I say, Julie will hate me.” 

Gladys.” A soft childish voice rang out as the atmosphere was stagnant. Mars came down the stairs and ran to Gladysside

You’re finally back. You didn’t come back last night. I was worried that you would be taken away by the bad guys.” 

Gladys saw Mars, feeling touched

She was knocked out by Colin and disappeared for one night. No one looked for her. She had thought no one would care if she was dead or not. She didn’t expect that Mars would be worried about her and miss her

She picked him up. Sorry. I was delayed by something last night. Mars, you are so sweet.”” 


Chapter 30 His Tendeness 

Zachary saw the tears in her eyes

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Knowing well that what had happened last night made her agonized, he said to Mars, Don’t talk about the past. Take Gladys to have dinner.”” 

Okay.” Mars cheerfully led Gladys to the dining table and peeled shrimp for her

Julie was exasperated

She had been coaxing Mars all day today. However, he did not say anything to her. Moreover, he scowled at her, and now he was actually so close to Gladys

Julie thought, What a damned kid!” 

Gladys was kidnapped and injured. Take care of her,Zachary said in a low, nice. voice. Julie snapped back to her senses, smiling

Okay. ZacharyAre you going out?” 

Zachary nodded coldly. He didn’t want to talk to Julie because the information she brought him caused him to misunderstand Gladys

Julie was dejected and disgruntled

He hadn’t looked at her since he got back. All he’d said was about Gladys, and now he was leaving. Julie thought, So he came home just to bring Gladys back?” 

She suppressed the anger in her heart and managed a smile

The next moment, she suddenly threw her arms around his neck, stood on her tiptoes, and kissed him… 

Divine Pregnancy Mister Greeting at Dawn

Divine Pregnancy Mister Greeting at Dawn

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 12/9/2023 Native Language: English
Divine Pregnancy, Mister Greeting at Dawn" is a captivating novel that unfolds a mystical journey of profound transformation. Fusing spirituality and dawn's serenity, it explores the miraculous journey of a woman's pregnancy, intertwining divine elements and the magic of new beginnings.

Divine Pregnancy Mister Greeting at Dawn

  Chapter 1 Get Married Tomorrow "Push harder!" With a scream from Gladys Almond, the baby was born. Doctors exclaimed, "It's born. It's a boy! "It's as handsome as Mr. Bradshaw!" Gladys lay weakly on the bed with a pale face, gazing at the infant. The newborn was tiny, with fair skin and a robust cry, inheriting his father's exceptional appearance. Smiling, Gladys extended her arms to reach for the baby. However, a beautiful woman suddenly snatched the baby and settled on another mobile bed. "Gladys, thank you for giving birth to my child. I'll take him," declared the woman. In the light, the woman bore an uncanny resemblance to Gladys. It was her twin sister, Julie Almond.


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