Divine Pregnancy Mister Greeting at Dawn Chapter 28

Divine Pregnancy Mister Greeting at Dawn Chapter 28

Chapter 28 Seducing Him 

An abrupt cell phone ringtone sounded

Colin paused, pulled out his cell phone, and answered it after seeing the caller ID 

on it

What’s up? What did you say? The investment promotion event has been rescheduled for today? Leslie will be there? Okay, okay, I’ll prepare as soon as possible.” 


Gladyseyes lit up with hope when she heard that name. You’re going to an investment promotion event?” 

Colin hung up the phone and looked at her. Yes, count yourself lucky. I’ll let you off for now, butHe smiled sinisterly. Don’t be too happy. Drink it first. yourself at home. I’ll satisfy you when I come back.” 

Saying that, he grabbed her chin with one hand to force her to take the drug

His force was so strong that Gladys grunted in pain, NoI can help you convince Leslie to cooperate with you.” 

Colin lifted her face rudely as if he’d heard a big joke. You? A poor delivery girl?” 

Gladys nodded. I’m not lying. He used to like me. If you don’t believe me, you can 

og onto my Facebook and check the album. There are pictures of me and 

him. Moreover, I am tied up by you. How dare I lie to you?” 

She spoke with conviction, her face frank

Colin was halfconvinced

He had stayed in Salvon City for many years, and he had only heard of Leslie’s mystery and nobility. He saw Leslie’s picture in the newspaper once and never saw Leslie in real life. Yet Gladys said she had actually seen him and that he liked her

However, she didn’t look like she was lying. Colin thought about the project worth tens of millions of dollars, turned on the computer, and said, Your account 




Gladys answered truthfully, 1056197146.” 

Colin entered her account number and password, successfully logged on, and then saw the group pictures of Gladys and Leslie in the album

The man in the photos was handsome and loving. The woman was youthful and lively. They were really Leslie and Gladys

Okay, I believe you.” 

Gladys let out a slight sigh of relief. She was glad that Leslie and Justin looked the same, Otherwise, she would be done for today

She pursed her lips. I’ve known him for many years. I know his weaknesses and preferences. I can definitely help you. With tens of millions of dollars, you can have all kinds of women you want. Why do you have to sleep with a woman like me who gave birth?” 

Colin was tempted

He liked Gladysface and figure, but compared to several dozen million dollars, she was nothing. Besides, he had slept with Gladysa few times, and he was a little 

tired of her


Who the hell knows if you’re fooling me and trying to go to him for help? Do you think I’m that stupid and gullible?” 

Gladys shook her head. No. Leslie is disgusted with me for betraying him back. then and having a baby with another man, so how can he possibly save me? I just happen to know his weakness. I want to leave here and live with Vicky in peace

If I am fooling you and can’t get the contract for you, you can bring me back again. My daughter is still in my mom’s hands. When the time comes, you can threaten me with my daughter. I will come back obediently.” 

Colin knew how much Gladys loved Vicky. She couldn’t escape. Most importantly, he wanted the project worth several dozen million dollars

Okay, I’ll believe you once. If you can’t get it, I’ll kill you.” 


Saying that, he walked to the cabinet, found a poison, and directly poured it into her. I bought this poison on the black market. Only I have the antidote. If you dare to cheat or scheme against me, you’ll be poisoned to death. As for Vicky, I’ll torment her.” 

Gladysthroat was filled with the bitterness of the polson. She thought, Where did Colin get so many weird drugs and poisons? He doesn’t even let a child go. What al bastard

But as long as I can get out, there will be hope

I would rather be poisoned to death than be bullied by him.” 

In the evening

The city was brightly lit. 

Colin hurried to the hall for the investment promotion event with Gladys for the project. It was still early, and the hall wasn’t crowded. He inquired about the room Leslie was in and went straight there

If you don’t want to be poisoned to death and Vicky to suffer, behave yourself.” 

After taking the poison, Gladys was indescribably uncomfortable, dizzy, and weak all over. She endured the discomfort and nodded. I know.She thought, I will escape” 

The door opened

Colin put on a fawning smile and rudely pulled Gladys inside

He didn’t let go of her the whole time as if afraid she’d run away

Gladys was ready to find a chance to flee when she saw two figures in the luxurious room

On the sofa, a man and a woman were sitting face to face. The man was noble and handsome. The woman was gentle and considerate. She was adjusting the tie for the man. Their postures were intimate, and the scene was beautiful. They were like the hero and heroine of the romantic drama that Vicky watched

They were Julie and Zachary

They were surprisingly here



Gladys was happy. As she was about to say something, Zachary looked coldly at 


His eyes were ruthless and detached

Gladys thought, He doesn’t care that I’ve disappeared for a night. For him, I am dispensable” 

Gladys felt sad for no reason

Zachary didn’t expect to see Gladys here. When he saw Colin holding her arm, Zachary raised his eyebrows icily

He thought, She rushed back yesterday and left for one night just to stay with this guy?” 

Zachary sneered

He remembered he had been kissed and hugged by her in the car that night, feeling disgusted

He thought, Damn woman! Why did she hook up with such an ugly guy after seducing me? Does she think men are all the same?” 

Julie’s body shook hard. She thought, Why did Colin bring Gladys here? What if he recognizes me? And what if Zachary saves Gladys

No, I can’t let any of that happen!” 

Zachary, it hurts so muchJulie suddenly collapsed onto the sofa with a pained face

Zachary withdrew his eyes and looked at Julie. What’s going on? Timothy gave you painkillers, didn’t he?” 

I don’t know why, but I feel terrible


I’m sorry. I am so weakJulie cried her eyes 

Zachary was most disgusted with women’s tears. However, it was his fault

With an icy face, he picked her up. I’ll take you to the hospital.” 

Then, he left in a cold and dignified manner

Gladys watched Zachary’s tenderness toward Julie. There was inexplicably a touch 



of indescribable feelings in her heart. Seeing Julie’s situation, Gladys was so surprised and worried that she even forgot her own things. She reached out and pulled Zachary’s arm as he carried Julie and passed by

Julie, what’s wrong? Where does it hurt?” 

Julie bit her lip tightly in painand didn’t say anything

Zachary’s eyes fell on Gladys’s slender hand, subconsciously imagining how she had hugged and touched Colin. He didn’t know what intimate things she had done. with Colin before coming here. His face turned cold

Let go of me!” 

His words were ruthless and indifferent as if he had never seen her before at all

Gladysheart trembled. She instinctively released his arm in sadness

Zachary did not even look at her, carrying Julie straight away

Even the wind he left behind was cold

Colin was shocked, thinking, Why is there another Gladys? And that woman’s perfume smells familiar. What the hell is going on

No, it is not the time to care about that.” 

He slapped Gladys

You have a sister? Her husband is the powerful Mr. Bradshaw? You bitch, you knew they were here and brought me here on purpose, right

It’s a pity you didn’t expect that your sister would suddenly feel unwell and that they would have no time to care about you

Go back with me. I’ll torture you to death!” 

Gladys was dazed by the slap. Her face was stinging. Looking at Colin’s angry face, she knew he wouldn’t believe her no matter how she explained it

She was very scared

Gladys shouted at Zachary’s back, Mr. Bradshaw, I’ve been kidnapped. Help me! Help me!” 


Divine Pregnancy Mister Greeting at Dawn

Divine Pregnancy Mister Greeting at Dawn

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 12/9/2023 Native Language: English
Divine Pregnancy, Mister Greeting at Dawn" is a captivating novel that unfolds a mystical journey of profound transformation. Fusing spirituality and dawn's serenity, it explores the miraculous journey of a woman's pregnancy, intertwining divine elements and the magic of new beginnings.

Divine Pregnancy Mister Greeting at Dawn

  Chapter 1 Get Married Tomorrow "Push harder!" With a scream from Gladys Almond, the baby was born. Doctors exclaimed, "It's born. It's a boy! "It's as handsome as Mr. Bradshaw!" Gladys lay weakly on the bed with a pale face, gazing at the infant. The newborn was tiny, with fair skin and a robust cry, inheriting his father's exceptional appearance. Smiling, Gladys extended her arms to reach for the baby. However, a beautiful woman suddenly snatched the baby and settled on another mobile bed. "Gladys, thank you for giving birth to my child. I'll take him," declared the woman. In the light, the woman bore an uncanny resemblance to Gladys. It was her twin sister, Julie Almond.


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