Alpha’s Thrice Rejected Mate By Ida Rowe Chapter 178

Alpha’s Thrice Rejected Mate By Ida Rowe Chapter 178

Chapter 178
“Shh!” I whispered to Jamie, “you’re going to wake the baby!”
Jamie growled, nipping the inside of my thigh.
I bit my lip against a moan.
“How are we supposed to make a baby if we’re afraid we’ll wake the baby?” Jamie grumbled.
“Jamie! He’s three months old!” I whisper-yelled. “How many do you want?!” Jamie licked his way up my body and nuzzled my breast. “As many as you see fit to give me.”
I laughed softly and tugged at his hair, so he looked up at me. “Jamie, at this rate, we’ll have a thousand.”
Jamie licked a bead of milk off my nipple, his eyes dark with desire. “Then we’ll add on to the castle,” he purred.
Snorting, I spread my legs wider and leaned my head back. “Alright. I give up. Let’s have another.”
Jamie grinned and sheathed himself in my body.
I fisted my hands in the sheets. Goddess, but he was big.
“Don’t wake the baby,” Jamie teased, and I didn’t realize until that moment that I had let out a little yowl.
I whimpered as he thrust hard and fast inside me. “Jamie…. please… I’m going to… I’m going to make so… much noise…”
Jamie fused his lips over mine. He was single-minded when it came to seeing me swollen with his child.
I cried out against his lips, my body tightening around his c*ck. Jamie groaned. and spurted his seed into me.
Then, much to my surprise, Jamie cupped my a’s and started again.
A few hours, several rounds of sex, and a long, luxurious bath later, Jamie and I rested outside in the garden while Margot happily chased butterflies.
Aunt Louisa gave us a knowing look while I cradled James Jr. against my breast, the little man eating with great gusto. “Shall we be expecting another soon?” Aunt Louisa smiled.
Jamie slid a hand over my belly. “Oh, I hope so.”
“Another what?” Margot asked, finally tiring and plopping down on the blanket
next to us.
Aria Thrice Rejected Mate
“Another baby.” I said carefully. “Is that okay?”
Margot’s smile was wide. “Oh, that would be so wonderful! Maybe this one will be a girl, and we can play together.”
Jamie chuckled. “You can play with James, even though he’s a boy.”
Margot wrinkled her nose. “I don’t know about that. Boys are stinky.”
I burst into giggles, almost dislodging James from my breast. He made a disgruntled noise, and Jamie put his arm around mine to hold our baby there. “I don’t think I’m stinky,” Jamie said, smelling his armpit.
Margot rolled her eyes. “Boys never know they’re stinky.”
Jamie kissed my neck. “Do you think I’m stinky?”
I blushed. “No, I don’t think you’re stinky at all.”
“You’re both always so lovey-dovey.” Margot groaned. “And if you keep kissing Mama, Daddy, she’s going to have, like, a thousand babies.”
Jamie choked on a laugh. “You think babies come from kissing?”
“Of course,” Margot said authoritatively. “Where else would they come from?”
“Ooo, walked right into that one,” Aunt Louisa chuckled.
It was Jamie’s turn to blush. “Never you mind,” he said to Margot. “You’re not old enough to know that yet.”
“It’s a secret?” Margot asked.
“A big one,” Jamie replied.
Margot sighed theatrically. “I’m never old enough to know anything.”
“I’m sure your governess wouldn’t say that,” I smiled..
Margot stretched out on the blanket, putting her feet in Jamie’s lap. “Isn’t the sky so blue?”
Jamie and I looked at each other with soft smiles, then at Margot. “Yes, the sky is so blue.”
“I can’t believe I was missing this,” Margot went on.
Jamie booped Margot’s nose. “We’re happy you can see it now, sweetheart.” “Me, too.” Margot yawned and stretched.
“Is Bennett still visiting Freya?” I asked Jamie.
Jamie chuckled. “Oh, he SAYS he’s heading an expedition into Ashbluff territory, but I know he’s visiting a certain witch.”
“They’re going to get married and have babies, and then James will have someone to play with,” Margot said wistfully.
“Are you seeing that?” I asked after a moment, worried the nightmares might
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Margot giggled and shook her head. “No. But I just know it. That’s how grown-ups are.”
It occurred to me then that Margot didn’t have any playmates. I frowned and looked at Jamie. “Jamie, maybe we should arrange a playdate for-
My words were interrupted by a rustling sound. Soon, a wild-haired little redhead came tumbling over the wall into the garden.
Margot let out a happy cry and ran over to hug her.
I stared at Jamie. Jamie stared at me.
“Mama Daddy, this is Crystal, Margot said, bringing a girl about her age over to see us. “She lives in the village.
That’s lovely. But Crystal, dear, you don’t have to come in over the w-” Then my brain clicked, and I laughed. “You’ve been taking bread from the kitchen.” Crystal blushed as red as her hair. “Ummm…”
“Are you hungry Aunt Louisa asked while Jamie opened his mouth to say something else.
The expression on his face was not one of happiness. I squeezed his thigh, and Jamie reluctantly closed his mouth.
Crystal’s stomach rumbled, and Aunt Louisa got to her feet, taking the little girl’s hand. “Come along. Aunt Louisa said kindly. “Let’s get you fed. It’s just about lunchtime for all of us, anyway.”
Thank you,” Crystal replied softly as Aunt Louisa led her away.
Margot trotted after them, chatting away to Crystal about everything that had happened that day.
Jamie kept frowning. “Are we sure it’s a good idea to have a thief in the castle?” I kissed his cheek. “I think it’s a great idea. Besides, what could she possibly steal that we’re going to miss more than she and her family need it?”
Jamie pursed his lips. “You have a good point there.”
I looked at the wall and the disheveled vinery that now occupied it. “You know, I met Freya this same way.”
“I’m not so sure that was a good thing.” Jamie grouched.
I giggled and handed a sated James over to his father. “Well, Margot needs SOMEONE to get into trouble with.”
“Hmph. Jamie looked unconvinced but seemed willing to take my lead. “Cook is going to be beside herself if Crystal takes her skillet.”
“I don’t think a used skillet will fetch that big a price at the market. I pointed out. “Besides, with all of the changes we are making, there won’t be any poor people in the villages much longer who will need to steal.”
Jamie grunted again and shrugged in agreement with what I had said. He stood
Aljibs, Thrice Rejected Mate
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with James in one arm. He snaked the other one around my waist as I stood.
“If Crystal turns out to be a witch, we’re going to have words.” Jamie grumbled.
I swatted Jamie’s arm. “Come on, now, what are the odds of that?”
We made our way back to the castle, where the messy, dirty Crystal was seated at the long table in the dining hall next to Margot. They were thick as thieves with their heads together, giggling over something I couldn’t hear.
“Cook will never forgive me if I let them steal her pies,” Jamie murmured.
I just laughed. “I once had a big adventure with Freya involving tarts.”
“Tarts?” Jamie echoed.
“Yes. We used to steal things from our cook as well,” I grinned. “Once, we stole tarts. There was flour and jelly everywhere.”
Jamie groaned, then groaned again when he saw Aunt Louisa dishing up some mashed potatoes for Crystal. “I’m completely outnumbered here, aren’t I?”
I patted his arm. “Don’t worry. I’m sure nothing catastrophic will happen.” Jamie snorted. “We’ll see.”
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