Alpha’s Thrice Rejected Mate By Ida Rowe Chapter 177

Alpha’s Thrice Rejected Mate By Ida Rowe Chapter 177

Chapter 177
Mama and Daddy wouldn’t stop fussing over me. At first, it was okay, but then it got annoying. I had missed them so much, but I didn’t want them to treat me like a baby anymore. I had been on a big adventure all by myself, and I had done a good job.
“Daddy, I can do it myself!” I sighed as he cut up my meatloaf.
Daddy booped me on the nose with the handle of his fork. “I know, precious, but I like doing these things for you.”
“Ugh,” I grumbled, folding my arms over my chest.
Pretty soon, Mama was pushing three cupcakes on a new plate, counting them out for me since I couldn’t see. I wondered if it was one for each of us, but it turned out they were all for me.
Then Cook came out with a big chocolate cake, and I got a slice of that, too.
‘You’re spoiling me!” I laughed when Mama smeared some frosting on my nose. “You deserve to be spoiled,” Mama said, giggling at me as she took a bite of cake. Daddy thumbed the frosting off my nose and licked it off of his finger.
I wondered if Aunt Louisa was going to stop them, but she seemed to be quite. happy herself, letting them fuss. She gave me extra frosting off her cupcake, scraping it onto my plate.
Finally, I gave up and just giggled. Maybe it wasn’t so bad for them to dote on me if it got me extra sweets.
Madame Gloria and Freya were talking at one end of the table in low voices. But I had sharper hearing than most.
“There are not enough herbs here,” Madame Gloria was saying. “To teach you. properly, we will need to go back to the woods. Will you stay with me and learn?” Freya was quiet for a long time, then she said, “Yes, Madame Gloria. I will go with you.”
I pouted. “But, Madame Gloria, need to stay here with us!” I was going to miss. her so much if she left already.
I could tell I surprised everybody by the clink of silverware hitting the table.
“Are vo
you leaving, Madame Gloria?” Daddy asked.
“Yes,” Madame Gloria replied. “I must. It will be quite expensive for you to get the resources I need here. It is simply better if I return home.”
“That’s too bad,” Mama said.
“I’m… going with her,” Freya murmured.
Alph’s Thrice Rejected Mate
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That led to more silence.
“Why?” Mama finally asked, sounding hurt.
“I need to learn magic properly,” Freya said. “I can’t do that without Madame Gloria. And she says the best place to learn is at her cottage, so I will go with her.” Mama was sad; I could tell. So I put my hand on hers.
“It won’t be forever,” Freya continued quickly. “Just… a long time.”
“A long time,” Madame Gloria agreed.
Daddy sighed. “Alright. I’ll send some soldiers with you to make sure you get there safely.”
“Thank you,” Madame Gloria said.
I was just about to go back to eating when Madame Gloria started talking to me.
“Have you told your parents yet?” she asked.
put my fork down. I’d almost forgotten. “Sorry, Madame Gloria.”
“Oh.” I put my
“I don’t want to leave before you’ve made your decision,” Madame Gloria said.
I nodded and scooted out of my chair.
“Told us what?” Daddy asked.
“Where are you going?” Mama tugged my wrist.
“I’ll be right back, Mama. I’m just going to my room,” I said.
I trotted off before they could ask me anything else. In my room, I sought out the scent of the flower I’d brought home with me. I cradled it carefully in my hands and went back to the dining hall.
“What’s that?” Daddy asked.
“It’s a magic flower,” I said. “Madame Gloria said if I eat it, I can get my eyesight. back. But I’ll lose my dream visions.”
“Your dream visions?” Mama repeated.
I nodded. “In my dreams, I can see the future.”
Mama drew a sharp breath. “The red wolf. Yes, of course. I can see that now.”
“Yes. Auntie Hera is dead, though, and she was the big, mean, red wolf, so I haven’t seen the red wolf in my dreams anymore,” I said matter-of-factly.
Daddy’s chair creaked. I could feel his and Mama’s breath on my face. They were looking at the flower.
“What about reversing the curse?” Daddy asked cautiously.
Freya choked. “I’m afraid I would hurt her, Your Majesty.”
“Alright,” Daddy said after a pause. He put a hand on my shoulder. “Now you have to make a big choice, Margot.”
“You have to decide if you want to have your visions go away and see again or if
Alphs Thrice Rejected Mate
you want to keep your visions and never see,” Mama added.
I held the flower cupped in my hands. It was a big choice. “You don’t have to make the decision now,” Mama said quickly.
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“No,” I replied. “No, I want to make the decision now.” I closed my eyes, thinking of all the terrible nightmares.
On the one hand, the nightmares would end. On the other hand, my visions. might be able to help the pack in the future if I kept them.
I chewed on my lip, going over the options.
Then, I finally decided I just wanted to be a little girl.
Taking a deep breath, I pushed the flower into my mouth and chewed. It tasted like it smelled, a bit like a rose.
Mama’s and Daddy’s chairs both scraped back, and their arms went around me. With my eyes closed, I swallowed.
I felt warm all the way down my throat and into my stomach. My eyes tingled, then stung a bit.
“Don’t worry, child; it will pass,” Madame Gloria said reassuringly.
Daddy and Mama continued to hug me as my eyes burned. I kept my eyes closed. and set my teeth against a whimper. I didn’t want Mama and Daddy to worry be mad at Madame Gloria.
When the burning stopped, I thought I could see an orangish glow behind my eyelids. I opened my eyes.
Mama and Daddy were both looking at me anxiously. I smiled at them, looking from one to the other. Their faces were just as I’d seen them in my dreams.
Mama started to cry, and Daddy hauled her up into his arms.
I smiled as I saw them hug and kiss each other.
“Now I can really cut my own food,” I told Daddy in an
to tone.
“Yes,” Daddy said in a gravelly voice after clearing his throat. “Yes, you definitely
Aunt Louisa clapped her hands. Then she cut another huge slice of cake and scraped it onto my plate. “Have some more cake, dearest.”
I laughed. “I’m going to explode with sugar!”
“That’s just fine. You do that,” Aunt Louisa said.
Even my governess began to weep.
I looked all around me at the brilliant colors and the people I loved. Sure, my eyes weren’t as sharp as when I was a wolf, but it was wonderful, just the same.
“We love you, darling,” Mama said as she and Daddy bent down to hug me again.
Alpha’s Thrice Rejected Mate
I smiled happily.
Everything was going to be fine from now on.
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Alpha’s Thrice Rejectedd Mate By Ida Rowe PDF Download

Alpha’s Thrice Rejectedd Mate By Ida Rowe PDF Download

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