Three Fated Hearts by LNC Chapter 30

Three Fated Hearts by LNC Chapter 30

Chapter 30 

As if this couldn’t get any worse My sister is upstairs with a creepy shrine to one of my mates, and here I am, running into the one person have wanted to avoid the most. !I truly don’t have the energy to deal with my father right now, but I guess, at this point, I have no other choice

1 stand still and take a few deep breaths. I said: what the hell are you doing in my house?I gulp, but no words are forming in my mind, let alone coming out of my mouth. I can feel my heartbeat increase, and I have to say that I’m pretty scared. I don’t know what’s going to happen with my dad

I came t… ch…..check on A….aida.Goddess, I sound so pathetic, but I can’t help it. My father has always made me nervous, and there are times that I’ve been terrified, and this is one of those times

Check on Aida? Why would you care enough to check on Aida? You are the reason why she is as withdrawn as she is. You took away her future, and now you want to check on her.” My dad shakes his head in disgust, and I can feel myself shrinking away from my dad. In a way, he’s right; if I hadn’t been fated to the twins, my sisters would be in a better place

Either way, I’m meant to be the Luna and Lunas look out for their pack members and make sure things are okay. I’m just doing my duty.I sigh softly and try to walk toward the door. If I can get out of the house without this blowing up, I will be extremely grateful. Dad must be paying close attention because he stops me before I get too close to the exit

My back hits the wall beside me, and my dad has his hand around my neck, applying pressure that is causing my breathing to be shaky at best. I could end you right now. I could make you cease to exist, and then my daughters would get everything they deserve.” My dad leans in closer so that our noses are almost touching. Give me one good reason to keep you living.” 

My hands are clawing at my dad’s, and for a brief moment, I contemplate shifting. The issue is that I know shifting won’t do anything but cause more issues, and it won’t guarantee that I wouldn’t get my neck broken in wolf form. When it comes down to it, my father is stronger than I am. He has been training all his life in wolf and human form. I really don’t have much of a chance to win against him. Now, Daddy, you really don’t want to do that.” My eyes dart to the side, and I see Aida standing on the bottom step of the stairs. She looks pretty calm and not like the type of person who would have the shrine I found not long ago

I’m quickly let go and hit the ground with a thump. Dad starts to walk toward Aida. My baby! How are you feeling?He reaches out and grabs Aida’s hand, pulling her to him. He wraps his arms around her while her arms find their way around his waist

I’m okay, Daddy. I’ll be better when she leaves the house.” I watch the scene while gasping for breath and trying to rub the pain out of my neck. I slowly get to my feet, not knowing if I should speak or just leave

You heard my daughter….get the hell out.I waste no time running out of the house and heading to the packhouse. I don’t know how close I was to losing my life today, but I don’t want to be that close again


I’ve been trying to keep busy while Tia was gone. It’s been hard trying to focus on all of this paperwork. I know I have warriors following her, but it’s not the same as being able to watch her myself. Lincoln got lucky and won our rock, paper, scissors; he got to do a patrol to keep his mind off of things

“Son, I think you may want to head outside.” I look up, and my dad is watching me. I wonder why I would need to go outside. A small smile forms on his face, and I know exactly where I need to be. Tia is making her way back, and I need to make sure she’s okay./ 

I run down the stairs and out the front door. I stop on the porch and look out. I can see Tia walking toward me at a slow pace. I want nothing more than to run to her and scoop her up in my arms, but I don’t want to seem too 

Chapter 30 

eager. I impatiently wait on the porch, wishing I had to power to speed up time

The closer Tia gets, I can see her features. She looks a bit upset and scared. She’s rubbing her neck, making me wonder if everything is okay. I step off of the porch steps as Tia walks closer. I hold my arms open, and Tia walks right into them, wrapping her arms around my waist. I lean my head down on hers, and I can hear her sobbing. What is it love? What happened over there? How is your sister?Tia continues to sob, and I rub her back gently. Her sobs start to diminish, and I rub my hands down her arms, pushing her back at her elbows

Looking at Tia, I can feel the anger surge through me. There are finger marks on the sides of her neck. Who dared to touch my mate?! I feel a growl in my chest. Who touched you?!Tia looks at me with watery eyes, but she doesn’t open her mouth to speak. I place my hand on her face and run my thumb over her cheek. Tell me who hurt you,I say in a calmer voice

Tia clears her throat and places her forehead on my chest. It doesn’t matter. I don’t want to talk about it.I sigh and wrap my arms around her again

It does matter, but I will let it go……..for now.” Tia looks back at me and reaches up on her toes to touch her lips to mine. The sparks take over my mind, and I forget about her neck and who I may need to punish. Tia moves her head to the side and deepens the kiss while her tongue seeks entry. I grant it, and Tia wastes no time in painting the inside of my mouth with her tongue. I can feel the fire build inside me, and my hardness increases

I hear a car in the distance. It stops, and a door opens and closes. I hear a door open behind me, but Tia’s kiss is taking my focus. What I’ve seen so far, this place is gorgeous,a voice says in front of me. The voice sounds a bit familiar, but I can’t place it

I’m so glad you made it. I can’t wait to show you the rest of the pack.That voice definitely belongs to my mom. I remove my tongue from Tia’s mouth and kiss her lips a few more times before lifting my head and looking in front of me. My blood runs cold at the sight

Landon, are you okay? What’s wrong?Tia’s voice is almost drowned out by the ringing in my ears. Never did I think this would happen, but here we are. My mouth has gone dry, and I can’t answer Tia. She turns and looks behind her. Tia steps away from me and extends her hand. Hi. Welcome to the Emerald Lake Pack. I’m Tia Colby and you are?” 

My mom has made her way from the front door to stand next to me. Why that is my visitor. She is Jenna Brenner from the Moonlight Pack.” Mom turns to me with a smile on her face. Landon, honey, say hello to Jenna.” 



Three Fated Hearts by LNC

Three Fated Hearts by LNC

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: Dec 12, 2023 Native Language: English

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Portia \'Tia\' Colby has always been ignored in favor of her twin sisters. The only people who truly acknowledged her are her mom and her best friends, Mark and Lynn. The future Alphas of the Emerald Lake Park are identical twins. They are eager to take over but have yet to find their fated mate. They decide to take chosen mates instead. What happens when Portia is made to return home for the Alpha ceremony and runs across her mate...or mates, the Alpha twins themselves? What does her family say when, before her appearance, her twin sisters were set to become Lunas of the Emerald Lake Pack? Who will become Luna? How will her family react? Book 2- TFH: Another ChanceShe's always been a doctor and a mate. She tried to do right by her family, but sometimes, that isn't enough. She has been lied to, and her family is broken. He was an Alpha who commanded respect. He treated others with care and assumed he would be 

Three Fated Hearts by LNC

treated the same. He has been betrayed, and his family fell apart. They have known each other for years, yet had never looked at each other romantically until now. As they get closer, their feelings grow. Is it this easy to love again? Will they be able to feel for each other? Will something come between them? This is the journey of Nikki Franks and Paul Attwater.     "Three Fated Hearts: Mark and Lynn" is a captivating romance novel that follows the intertwined destinies of Mark and Lynn as they navigate the complexities of love, fate, and self-discovery. Written by acclaimed author [Author Name], the story unfolds against a backdrop of passion, challenges, and the inexorable pull of destiny. Mark, a charismatic and ambitious young man, finds himself at a crossroads in life. As he strives to make a name for himself in the competitive world of business, he is unexpectedly drawn to Lynn, a spirited and independent woman with a mysterious past. Their lives become intertwined in ways neither could have foreseen, setting the stage for a love story that defies the odds. Lynn, haunted by secrets from her past, grapples with inner demons that threaten to unravel the fragile connection she shares with Mark. The novel skillfully explores themes of trust, vulnerability, and the transformative power of love as Lynn confronts her past and Mark endeavors to break through the walls she has built around her heart. The narrative is woven with a touch of magical realism, introducing the concept of fate as an invisible force that binds Mark and Lynn together. The author skillfully employs this element to create an enchanting and unique love story that transcends the ordinary. Readers will find themselves captivated by the idea that some connections are destined, regardless of the challenges that life throws in their path. Against the backdrop of a picturesque setting, the novel takes the readers on a rollercoaster of emotions as Mark and Lynn navigate the highs and lows of their relationship. The supporting characters add depth and complexity to the story, offering insights into the protagonists' lives and adding layers to the overall narrative. As Mark and Lynn grapple with external obstacles and internal conflicts, the novel explores themes of self-discovery and personal growth. The characters evolve over the course of the story, and readers are treated to a rich tapestry of emotions, ranging from heartwarming moments of love to poignant scenes of introspection. The prose is eloquent and evocative, drawing readers into a world where the boundaries between reality and fate blur. The author's keen understanding of human emotions is evident in the way they breathe life into the characters, making them relatable and authentic. In the climax, as the threads of fate converge, Mark and Lynn must confront the ultimate test of their love. The resolution is both satisfying and thought-provoking, leaving readers with a sense of fulfillment and a lingering appreciation for the power of destiny. "Three Fated Hearts: Mark and Lynn" is a spellbinding novel that combines romance, destiny, and self-discovery into a seamless narrative. With its engaging plot, well-developed characters, and a touch of magic, the novel invites readers on a journey of love and fate that will resonate long after the final page is turned.


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