Sophia’s Revenge by Stella Sky Chapter 8

Sophia's Revenge by Stella Sky Chapter 8

Chapter 8

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Xander’s POV This party turned into a s**t show really f*****g fast. I didn’t want a mate, let alone one who couldn’t even protect herself. I was going to get her medical care and healthy again, and then I would reject her. She can choose to stay with us at Red Moon Pack or leave. I would hold nothing against her if she left. I was lost in my own thoughts with her mostly in my lap because the back seat was so small when I heard her utter three words that ripped at my soul. “Let me die.” What had this girl been through to make her want to die? Someone who was so easily willing to give up and not fight is someone I didn’t want as a mate. It just made my decision that much easier. As she was lying in my lap, Jax was over the moon to have her here, but I was angry. We currently aren’t speaking to each other because of it. She was in and out of consciousness and had a steady stream of tears coming down her beautiful face. She had these high cheekbones and pouty lips with long chocolate hair. The color matched her smell. Chocolate was a weakness of mine.
I could eat it every day. I wasn’t sure of her eye color yet, but I think they are green. I also didn’t know her name or her age. “How is she doing back there, Xan?” Kane asked. “Not good. She needs a doctor now. I think her breathing is slowing down, and it’s getting harder for her.” I said back to him but said it quietly so as not to wake her. “No, I don’t want a doctor. Just leave me. Let me die.” She struggled to say it. Her breathing was ragged, and she couldn’t take a deep breath. You can see the pain she was in on her face. With those words, she lost consciousness again. Kane, you need to hurry up. She is fading fast. We finally pulled up to the pack hospital, and I had mind linked the doctor to meet us out front. I gently placed her on the gurney, and they rushed her off to the back. I was left waiting with Kane. I told him that no one needed to know about this for now. I especially don’t want my parents to know. It had been about four hours before the doctor came back out. He had a somber look on his face. He asked Kane and me to meet him in his office. I mind-linked my Gamma and asked him to stand guard outside her door. The only person allowed to go in and out is the nurse until I get there.
He replied that he would be there in 2 minutes as he was close by. We followed the doctor to his office, and all sat down. The doctor had his head down and wasn’t saying a word. He looked broken. Whatever he just saw broke his soul, and he didn’t know how to start. He had an extensive file in his hands and didn’t want to show me what was in there. “Spit it out, doc.” “I don’t know where to start. Her current injuries include a broken eye socket, a badly broken leg, and four broken ribs, one of which punctured her lung. That’s why she was having a hard time breathing. She also has what appears to be injuries from rape. She is also covered in bruises and cuts. This doesn’t even come close to the scars on her body. I am guessing whoever did this did it with silver and wolfsbane. Also, a full body scan shows many old broken bones.” “What the f**k?” Both Kane and I said at the same time. “Will she be OK?” I asked him. “Yes, physically she will heal, but she has a long way to go. I could sense her wolf, but her healing is like that of a human, so I ran some blood work, and, from what the results show, they were feeding her low doses of wolf’s bane to keep her wolf weak and not able to help her heal. She is also very malnourished and needs to gain weight. At this time, I am going to keep her sedated and resting. She needs it. I will wake her in two days.” “What is wrong with this pack? They will pay for this. I will talk to the council about them,” I said out loud, but really meant to think it to myself. “Xander, before you do that, you need to let her heal both physically and mentally. She will have to recount their actions and it will hurt her to relive them,” Doc said. “I understand, doc. I will also need pictures of her injuries and scars. The council will want them.” “I expected that and have already taken pictures. They are in this file. I must warn you they are horrific and the fact that she is still alive is a miracle.” My fingers were itching to look at those pictures, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it.
I wasn’t ready. Jax was still yelling in my head about how we needed to go back and wipe out their pack, but I couldn’t until the council was brought in. I handed the file to Kane and asked him to lock it up in my office, and reminded him to keep his mouth shut. I knew I could trust him with my soul, but a good reminder never hurt. “Doc, please show me her room.” “Of course.” We walked down the hall in silence. Some nurses were eyeing me. I was never at the pack hospital. They raised their suspicions. We reached her door and my Gamma Lucas just nodded as I walked in. I thought I was ready to face this, but the way she looked completely broke me. She looked so frail and helpless. I had tears running down my face as I took her in. No person should ever be subjected to this ever. Jax had completely lost it and was in the back of my mind, whimpering. I couldn’t stay here. I looked at Lucas and told him that he was on guard duty. Nobody was allowed in except a nurse and the doctor. “Yes, sir.” I took one step out the front door of the hospital, and I let Jax take over. We needed this. He needed to run his anger out and I needed to take a back seat and not think for a while. I tried so hard not to think about her, but it was useless. All I saw was her bruised and swollen face and the tubes and wires coming out of her. I didn’t want her, but the mate bond was making it hard. Because of it, I wanted to care; I wanted to let my walls down, protect her, and cherish her for the rest of the time, but my brain was screaming no at me. I let Jax run until he couldn’t and then pushed a little more. When he couldn’t continue, I took over and shifted back to my human form. I slowly made my way back to the pack house. Finding some shorts in a tree, I slipped them on and walked through the back door and up to my room. I went into the shower and let the hot water rinse the day off me. My mind kept going back to my mate and even though she was broken, her beauty had my d**k hard. I stroked it a few times and then stopped because I didn’t want thoughts of her doing that to me. I turned the shower off and dried off, and went to get into bed. I didn’t even bother with pajamas. Once I got to my bed, I noticed someone. Clarissa, to be exact. I am not sure what she wants, but she shouldn’t be here. “Clarissa, what are you doing here?” “I know you. After a long and exhausting day, you will have needs, so I am here to help take care of them.” She came over to me, appreciating that my d**k was already hard. What she didn’t know was that it wasn’t because of her, but because of my broken little mate. I let her lick my hard d**k from the base to the top.
She swirled her tongue around the top before she wrapped her lips around it all the way and plunged to the base. “f**k” I murmured. “I know what you like, baby. Let me help you take out your frustrations. I already got the ropes out and ready. Tie me up and have your way with me. You are free to take me however you need,” she said seductively. I know I shouldn’t, but right now I needed this release, and she was offering it, and I would not turn her down. “Don’t do this, Xan. If you do this, I will never forgive you. I will never speak to you again. You are hurting our mate worse than those disgusting Yellow Moon pack animals ever did.” Jax linked me. “Shut it, Jax, she is unconscious and will never know.” “I will know, and I will not speak to you again.” He retreated to the back of my mind, but my mind was already made up and I needed this release. I quickly disposed of whatever Clarissa was wearing and tied her hands to my bed. I shoved her legs apart and got my flogger out. I ran it across her body, making sure to hit her perky n*****s, making them hard and pointy, begging for my mouth on them, but I waited. I continued to rain down strikes and was sure to also get a few slaps in on her p***y, making it turn red in color. I could see how much it was turning her on. She had a pool of moisture beginning to collect on the sheets. She was moaning for me to take her. I slowly slid my fingers across her p***y lips before plunging a finger into her wet hot hole. I continued to pump my finger in and out as she was moaning. I brought my head down and took a big sniff of her arousal, and it was still turning me on. I reached down with my head and ran my tongue over her slit, causing her to suck in a deep breath, waiting for what she knew was to come.
I started to circle her clit with my tongue when Jax chose that moment to flash pictures of my broken mate in my head. He was a real mood killer. I continued to suck on her clit. Her juices were flowing freely out of her. I soaked my fingers in them and started to tease her asshole. It was so tight, and my hard d**k was going to be in there tonight. I continued to lick at her clit and slowly press my finger into her ass. She was moaning louder and louder. Soon I had two fingers in there. I was thrusting them in and out as hard as I could. I brought my other hand to her p***y and plunged two fingers into her, and finger f****d her p***y and ass at the same time. She was screaming by now, and I knew she was close. I brought my thumb up to her clit and applied pressure as I kept up on her p***y and ass. She let out a loud scream, spraying her c*m all over. She had never squirted before, and it turned me on so much I could think straight. I pulled my hands out and quickly went to licking her c*m, which was all over her p***y and thighs. Jax started to show me pictures of my mate again after Clarissa had sprayed her juices all over me. “Jax, would you stop it? I need this. I need this release. After tonight, no more until I reject her.” I didn’t hear from him anymore. He went to the back of my mind and put up a wall, so he didn’t have to be subjected to this. I undid Clarissa’s arms and put her hands behind her, and tied her arms together. I pushed her face first into the bed with her ass up. I started to smack her ass with my hand. Hard enough that I was leaving welts. She was loving every second of it. The redder her ass became, the more her juices pooled out of her. I ran my hard d**k up her slit and coated it in her juices. I leaned down and tweaked her n*****s, causing her to moan even louder. “Are you ready? Because tonight I am going to f**k your tight asshole and you will take all of it and you will like it.”
“Yes, Alpha.” That was all she said. I needed nothing more from her as I slid the tip of my d**k into her asshole. It was so tight that I thought I might not fit, but I was determined. I slowly kept pushing my way in as she was whimpering on the bed. She never told me no and the more I went in, the more juices started to flow from her p***y. I reached around and started to circle her clit. She quickly changed her whimpering to moaning, and that was my cue to shove myself the rest of the way in. Once I was all the way in, I didn’t hold back. I slammed my d**k into her as hard as I could. I continued to circle her clit with my fingers. She was close. I could feel it. I switched from her clit to her hot hole. This caused her to orgasm, which triggered my own orgasm. I pulled out of her and untied her. I ensured she was physically OK, then kicked her out of my room and took another shower. She had tears in her eyes but didn’t let them fall. I was an asshole. “Jax, are you there?” I was met with silence. I guess he wasn’t kidding when he said he would talk to me. I fell into an uneasy sleep.

Sophia’s Revenge by Stella Sky PDF Download

Sophia’s Revenge by Stella Sky PDF Download

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: , Released: 02/06/2023 Native Language: English
"Sophia's Revenge by Stella Sky PDF Download" Read PDF Free Download.  Sophia's Revenge by Stella Sky is a good book that is now available in PDF format for free download. “Stella Sky”  is a USA Today and international bestselling author of werewolf, Alpha, Mate  contemporary romance, erotic romance, and romantic suspense novels..  

Blurb: Sophia's Revenge by Stella Sky

Sophia is a pack slave who just wants to escape her life. She has been forced to do chores and cooking, since she was 10. The Alpha would punish her if she didn't, he felt that they weren't done up to his standards or really any excuse to punish her. Things started to get worse when he allows his son, the soon to be Alpha to start giving her punishments. He not only beats her, but he also takes the only thing she has to give her mate. Her innocence. She is threatened by the future Beta about taking her along with the future Alpha right before their birthday party. She decided to run that night during the party but is caught by the future Beta in the woods. She was rescued by her future mates only she didn't know who they were or that they were her mates. Her wolf left her the day after she showed up. She can't recognize the mate bond. But in order for her to get both of her mates and discover who she is, and get revenge on all those that hurt her, she must be marked by both of them. Xander had a mate once and didn't want another one after she betrayed him. He refuses to accept Sophia. Kane doesn't have a mate but wants one desperately. He is lonely after losing his parents and his brother moved away. He feels something towards Sophia but what he doesn't know is that it is a mate pull but Xander has to accept her first, in order to feel it fully. Can they all overcome their demons and fears and accept each other and help save the werewolf world together or did the moon goddess fail by pairing these three up?

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  • Title: Sophia's Revenge
  • Author: Stella Sky
  • Language: English
  • Genre:  Werewolf, Alpha, Fiction, Romance
  • Format: PDF
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  • Price: Free

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Sophia's Revenge by Stella Sky

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What is Sophia's Revenge by Stella Sky about?
This is an interesting book full of Werewolf, Alpha .
How many pages are there in Sophia's Revenge by Stella Sky?
There are Ongoin pages in this book.
Does Sophia's Revenge by Stella Sky have a happy ending?
Yes, it ending is very interesting and unpredictable. All the characters are very well connected and engaged.
Is Sophia's Revenge by Stella Skyon a true story?
No, it is a fictional story.
Why you should read Sophia's Revenge by Stella Sky?
Overall, reading a novel can be a rewarding and enriching experience that offers many benefits beyond just entertainment.

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