Sheep in Wolf Clothing By JENNIFER REGINALD Chapter 3

Sheep in Wolf Clothing By JENNIFER REGINALD Chapter 3







     Madam finally removed me from working for Alpha Karim. I was not assigned to another warrior, rather I was asked to serve at the bar where men gather and drink away their sorrows. The people at the bar were kinder than Madam Theresa and Erika and I preferred to stay all day in the bar than move back to my guardian’s tent. But it was unfortunate for me because Madam Lena, the bar owner closed it at night, and I had no option but to return to my hell.




     I was glad that I no longer see Alpha Karim, at least, I do not encounter him face to face, although he was everywhere. It has been a few days since I was removed and Erika took over my job, but when I see Alpha Karim, he does not look like he noticed I was gone. The other day, I even saw him speaking with Erika. He did not smile at her, but at least he was speaking to her, and it was a start. He does not even care about me. Knowing Erika and her obsession with The Alpha, she would readily oblige if he asked her to spread her legs. Thinking about it made me feel a sharp thrust in my chest, but I tried to ignore it.




      I was not fit for him, and it was safer not to assume anything. I also kept wondering if Alpha Karim was still angry with me for rejecting him. Does he remember my rejection every time he sees me?




       “Laika!” Madam Lena’s voice ripped through my thoughts and dragged me back to reality.




  I turned to her and caught a whiff of a familiar scent. The hairs on the back of my neck stood because I knew The Alpha was here. What was he doing here? Does he know I work here now? Does he usually come here? As I marched toward Madam Lena, refusing to look at the tables, I realized the bar was noisier than usual. I heard powerful voices as they roared out in laughter. It was only The Alpha and his cohort that would have such guts to laugh freely because they ruled the pack.




       “Yes, Madam Lena.”




      “Here.” She handed me a tray filled with beer mugs. “Serve The Alpha and his cohort this and be careful with it.”








     My heart sank into my abdomen, slipped through my thighs, and fell to the ground. My plans of avoiding The Alpha at all costs until he finds a chosen mate had failed miserably. Why do I have to be the only one Madam Lena saw to run this task?








      “Is there something else?” Madam Lena asked, she looked nervous, and I knew she would not listen to me even if I stated my discomfort. I shook my head. “Now, get out of my sight and serve the men.”




      “Yes, Madam.” I carried the tray of beers and walked toward the table where he sat with his cohort. They were discussing, and he seemed so engrossed in the discussion, staring only at the man who was speaking.




     I was glad that he was so interested in the conversation to notice me coming. If I could just drop this drink there and move away without being noticed by him. I walked to their table with shaky steps, and he did not turn in my direction until I was there. Once I lowered the tray, his attention shifted to me, and I almost tumbled over. The tray shook in my hands and the drinks spluttered over the mugs.




      “Hey, watch it, slave!” one of them barked at me.




       “Enough, Rona,” I heard The Alpha’s baritone voice command.




       “I am sorry,” I apologized and then realized that my name was not Rona. He was not speaking to me but cautioned the warrior that yelled at me. Why? Was he not supposed to be mad at me? He was a ruthless warrior, so I heard, and his chiseled body gave it all out, why did he jump to my defense?




      “Laika!” Madam Lena called me again and I jumped out of my thoughts and spun to face her.




     “That table needs cleaning.”




      “Yes madam,” I said and hurried away from Alpha Karim’s table, grateful that Madam Lena intervened when she did. But I felt eyes following me as I went away and knew it was The Alpha’s eyes. Was he thinking of the most hideous ways to torture me for daring to reject him? I should have just spread my legs that night, it was only for one night and I was sure he would find my body disgusting and never have to look at me twice again.




      I went over to the table and cleaned it up, yawning with tiredness and hunger. The rules were the same everywhere. I do not eat until I am done with the day’s work. I was hungry and my stomach churned badly. After cleaning the table and heading to the kitchen, Madam Lena’s son summoned me. He was a year older than me and had not discovered his mate. However, I realized he had, but she was from an enemy pack, and he did not want to let anyone know about it. I thought my life was complicated enough. I became his messenger when I started working for his mother.




      He would send me down to the stream at night with a letter for her. I was required to put it in a floating bottle gourd and let it float to her since their pack was at the other end of the stream. He usually sends me because no one would notice I was gone, and they do not care if I died out there. He handed me the letter and nodded at me, I nodded back and snuck out of the bar, heading to the stream. Madam Lena’s son always covered for me, so his mother will not notice my absence.




     I knew those woods were plagued by rogues, but so far, I had not been attacked since I started going on this particular errand. I loved the woods and the stream. I was free and at peace when I was in the woods and apart from the attack of the rogue that made me meet Alpha Karim; I had never been attacked before. So, I hopped happily into the woods without caution. I hummed a tune to myself as I went, but Joy was agitated, and it made me anxious. Before I knew what, I was blanketed with fear.




      A rustle behind me made me realize that I was not alone. Someone followed me into these woods, or something was stalking me. Two things were involved. If someone followed me, they would like to know why I was there by that time of the night and Madam Lena’s son’s secret would be exposed or if something was stalking me, maybe a rogue, then this is the day I die because no one knew I was in these woods alone in a moonless night and I was a weak Omega who could not defend herself. I picked up my pace, walking further toward the river and I heard the leaves rustling louder.




Sheep in Wolf Clothing By JENNIFER REGINALD PDF Download

Sheep in Wolf Clothing By JENNIFER REGINALD PDF Download

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Novel “Sheep in Wolf Clothing By JENNIFER REGINALD” Read PDF Free Download. JENNIFER REGINALD is a good book that is now available in PDF format for free download. “JENNIFER REGINALD”  is a USA Today and international bestselling author of werewolf, Alpha, Mate  contemporary romance, erotic romance, and romantic suspense novels..

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  • Title: Sheep in Wolf Clothing
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Sheep in Wolf Clothing By JENNIFER REGINALD PDF Download

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"I can smell your arousal, Omega. Now quit being stubborn, spread those legs wide, and welcome me with gratitude." I stared at him quietly. I was dripping wet, but I wasn't letting any other Alpha use me like that. "I am sorry, Alpha, but I would have to reject your offer." He froze and stared blankly at me for a while. He looked stunned more by the fact that he did not believe anyone could reject him. Future Alphas and some selected warriors are taken away from the Titan pack to undergo serious training until the present Alpha dies. They are devoid of all forms of pleasure and denied mates until they return when they are allowed to have sex with any female and release sexual tension until they are blessed with mates. I was one of the sla ves dragged away from my pack after a raid. I was there to scrub floors and clean dishes while staying invisible until I bumped into the Alpha who was said to be ruthless, and he asked to ride me. I rejected politely. It baffled him so much. Every female will die to ride him, but I, a sla ve from the lowest rank of Omegas had the backbone to reject him. PROLOGUE LAIKA I woke from the noise outside. People were running, pushing things in their way. Screams, shrieks, and cries of children filled the air. I stood up from the ground, confused, and my whole body ached like it had been pierced with pins. This was from the torture my mate Alpha Khalid gave me earlier. He had whipped me for refusing to please him. I cried until I slept off on the cold floor. I walked out of the room and saw people running in different directions, and Alpha Khalid was nowhere to be found. I was so confused, and no one cared to tell me what was happening. They all hated me anyway. But when I listened clearly. I heard what they were saying. "The Titans are here!" My heart sank into my abdomen. The Titan pack was the most feared in the whole of the wolf kingdom. They were Lycans and powerful warriors, enhanced in all ways and brutal. They usually raid other packs and take sla ves for themselves. I had heard so much about them, but I had never experienced a raid. What has our pack done to be attacked? I made to join the other pack members and fled, but pain shot through my right leg, and I remembered that a heavy table had fallen on me when Alpha Khalid hauled me away earlier. Tears dropped from my eyes, and I limped away from the house. I had no one in this pack. I was orphaned long ago and was from the lowest Omega tribe, seen as the weakest and the cursed. It was a curse to be an Omega in my pack and most packs, and I was the last Omega living. I shifted at three, which was exceedingly rare, and since then, I had been tagged as cursed. I had endured all the punishments my pack meted out to me, especially from my mate Alpha Khalid who thought it was a curse that I was his mate. Everyone shifted and dove into the woods for safety, to escape the Titan warriors, but I couldn't even let my wolf take charge. She was as weak as I was, and it looked like she was not even present. I limped through the pack lands, watching the Titan warriors picking and hauling my pack members into their large cage, and wondered why no one had noticed me. Where was Alpha Khalid? Tears pooled in my eyes, blurring my vision. What was I to do? How will I limp myself away from this trouble? As I thought of how to escape, a force pushed me down. I rolled on the ground, hitting my head on stones and pebbles until I lost track of reality. Before I passed out, my body was raised and floated in the air until I faded into nothingness.

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Sheep in Wolf Clothing By JENNIFER REGINALD

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Name of the Novel: 1 Sheep in Wolf Clothing By JENNIFER REGINALD
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What is Sheep in Wolf Clothing By JENNIFER REGINALD?
This is an interesting book full of Werewolf, Alpha .
How many pages are there in Sheep in Wolf Clothing By JENNIFER REGINALD?
There are Ongoin pages in this book.
Does Sheep in Wolf Clothing By JENNIFER REGINALD have a happy ending?
Yes, it ending is very interesting and unpredictable. All the characters are very well connected and engaged.
Is Sheep in Wolf Clothing By JENNIFER REGINALD based on a true story?
No, it is a fictional story.
Why you should read Sheep in Wolf Clothing By JENNIFER REGINALD?
Overall, reading a novel can be a rewarding and enriching experience that offers many benefits beyond just entertainment.

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