Marrying the Ugly Heir for Truth and Wealth chapter 92

Marrying the Ugly Heir for Truth and Wealth chapter 92

Chapter 92 Did You Make A Mistake

After entering the office, Christina received a message from Gina saying that she had already told Team B about her and that she could directly go to their office.

Team B’s office was not inferior to Team A’s in terms of grandeur.

For the past few years, Yosef had been managing Team B, so the results they achieved were on par with Team A’s. However, since Yosef had been transferred overseas, Team B seemed to be in bad shape.

It was working hours, but the employees in the office did not seem to have any intention to work. Instead, they had gathered together and were chatting among themselves.

Christina had just entered the office when someone gave her a stack of documents. “You must be the office’s new assistant, right? Hurry and separate these documents. We’ll need it for the meeting later.”

Christina’s expression turned grim as she held onto the heavy stack of documents. Are they treating me as the office’s assistant?

“I’m not-”

op dawdling and quickly finish what I’ve asked you to. Once you’ve organized the documents, the pantry and make twelve cups of coffee.”

Christina tried to explain, but the woman could not be bothered. She pushed Christina into the conference room and left.

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Staring at the documents in her hands, Christina breathed a heavy sigh and did as she was asked. She separated the documents and arranged them neatly on the table before exiting the conference room.

The group of employees had not dispersed. Their gazes were locked onto the glass door of the office entrance as they continued gossiping.

“I heard the higher-ups are sending an employee from Team A to become our group leader.”

“Is there no one else in Radiant Corporation they can send? How could they simply arrange a designer to become our group leader?”

“I heard she got the position through connections. She’s somehow related to the big boss,” someone whispered.

The deputy leader of the team, Caroline Zucker, was the most unsatisfied with that decision. She had thought she would be promoted to group leader after Yosef left.

Now that the higher-ups had transferred someone with zero experience to take control of the team, she could not help but feel annoyed.

Caroline’s gaze

fell onto Christina, and an indescribable feeling flashed across her eyes. The woman before Caroline oddly made her feel pressured. “Hey, newbie! What are you doing standing around? Have you made the coffee?”

Christina flashed a faint smile. She exuded a gentle yet intimidating aura as she said, “The meeting is about to start. I don’t think there’s enough time for me to make you coffee.”

A newly arrived assistant wants to sit in on the meeting?

Just then, the HR department sent the news of Christina’s official appointment to Team B’s group chat. Everyone lowered their heads to look at their phones and felt their hearts sink when they read the


They turned to look at the woman before them and gaped in disbelief as they compared her to the professional photo on their phones. She had the same high ponytail and slender figure, but she looked slightly different from the image because she was bare-faced.

“You’re the newly appointed group leader for Team B” Caroline asked, shocked.


Christina was silent as she nodded calmly.

The other employees looked as though they had taken a slap to their faces, feeling their checks heating. up and reddening in embarrassment. They were displeased with the higher-ups’ decision, but they did not dare to make any other comments. After all, not only had they voiced their opinions out loud, but they had also said them in front of the person in question.

A new broom sweeps clean. They feared Christina would make an example to the other employees by punishing them.

Caroline was red with anger as she probed further, “Why didn’t you say that you were the new group leader earlier? Why did you pretend to be our assistant?”

“I did try to tell you, but none of you bothered to listen to me.” The group of employees had been busy gossiping. They did not even bother to pay her any attention.

Christina did not pursue the matter any longer. “All right, all group leader-level employees, please come in for the meeting.”

With that, she turned around and entered the conference room. A few of the employees exchanged glances before following her inside.

The cold air from the air conditioning caused the unharmonious atmosphere to turn even more gloomy.

Before Christina could speak, Caroline beat her to it and said, “Ms. Steele, not to offend you, but you just joined the design department, so you may not be clear with how things work around here. Why don’t you go to your office to review the documents before we start the meeting?”

What right does a twenty-something-year-old woman have to take over the position of a group leader? Does she even have the capability to bear such heavy responsibility?

Christina was calm as she stared at Caroline. The others could not figure her out with how calm she was. “There’s no need for that. I’ve already looked through everything last night. There’s a fashion show this month, two autumn tasks we need to finalize for the second half of the year, as well as an internal competition for the designers of Radiant Corporation.”

Caroline felt humiliated. She had wanted to assert dominance against Christina but did not expect the Hatter to come prepared.

A fashion show would be held in the middle of the month by a brand under Radiant Corporation. Every year, they would invite VIP customers to attend the show and allow them to pre-order the clothes before they were sold in stores.

Many designs were only sold to people who attended the show. Hence, many rich women liked

participating in that event because of the special treatment they would receive.

After the morning meeting, Christina brought two assistants to Hadley Corporation’s shopping mall to check the decorations at the venue.

Yosef had been in charge of the designs for the show. It was also the last work he had left behind before transferring overseas. Yosef had also designed the clothes for the show. As for the layout of the venue, Yosef had left behind a draft, so Christina needed only to follow it.

Christina and the two assistants busied themselves until the afternoon. The two assistants were exhausted. When they noticed it was almost time for lunch, they said, “Ms. Steele, most of the arrangements are in order. The only thing left is the rehearsal.”

“No matter how hard you work, no one will compliment you. After all, this is all Mr. Gunther’s blood, sweat, and tears.”

Doesn’t she understand that she will never be able to replace Mr. Gunther no matter how hard she tries?

Christina was unfazed by their words. It was precisely because that fashion show was the task left behind by Yosef that she did not dare to mess it up. If the show were ruined, she would feel embarrassed to face Yosef.

When it was time for lunch, the two assistants left Christina behind and went on their way.

When she was done, lunch break was almost over. The cafeteria in the company had long since. finished serving staff meals.


Christina returned to the office and was about to order food delivery when several bodyguards dressed in fancy suits arrived and barged into the group leader’s room.

“Those people seem to be targeting Ms. Steele.”

“Are they here to collect debt?”

The bodyguards entered the office and placed the takeout boxes on the table. There were various kinds. of dishes, fruit, and desserts. On the boxes was a printed logo of the most famous restaurant in the city.

Christina was taken aback by all the food. She stared at the order page displayed on her phone before shifting her gaze to the delicious food on the table. She could not keep her calm as she said. “I didn’t order any food delivery. Did you make a mistake?”

The bodyguard at the front replied earnestly, “You did not make a mistake. Mr. Hadley sent us here to deliver the food. Please enjoy your meal, Mrs. Hadley

Christina was shocked. Isn’t Nathaniel spending too much? How could he send bodyguards that he pays a high salary to send me food?

Right then, Nathaniel video-called her, and she quickly answered it.

The man’s handsome face appeared on the screen. His gaze was deep and mesmerizing.

“Is the food to your liking? If they’re not, I’ll have them buy new ones for you.” Nathaniel’s magnetic voice rang out and echoed throughout the room.

Christina’s face reddened with embarrassment as she guiltily lowered the volume of her phone. “They

are. I’ll eat now, so I’m going to hang up.”

She reached out to press the “End Call” button, but Nathaniel stopped her. “Don’t. Just eat your food. I’ll just look at you. It doesn’t matter.”

“Do as you like.” Christina was starving after busying herself the entire morning, so she started to eat the food.

Marrying the Ugly Heir for Truth and Wealth

Marrying the Ugly Heir for Truth and Wealth

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Read Online "Marrying the Ugly Heir for Truth and Wealth" "Marrying the Ugly Heir for Truth and Wealth" is a touching and poignant novel by  that explores the themes of love, loss, and healing. Christina Steele is a USA Today and international bestselling author of contemporary , erotic romance, and romantic suspense novels.

Synopsis: Marrying the Ugly Heir for Truth and Wealth

"Marrying the Ugly Heir for Truth and Wealth" In order to uncover the truth, Christina Steele was forced to marry an unattractive and elderly heir from the Hadley family. But one night, she woke up to find that the rumored ugly man had transformed into a wealthy and handsome CEO. "Ahem, even so, you're still not my type," Christina declared. "Being Mrs. Hadley has its benefits." "Like what?" "Endless money, countless luxury houses." The big shot eagerly offered her an unlimited black card and a large set of keys. "Not interested!" "What about sex?" he asked, as he began unbuttoning his shirt.

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Marrying the Ugly Heir for Truth and Wealth
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Yes, of course, you will definitely enjoy this newest novel, Marrying the Ugly Heir for Truth and Wealth. It is getting popular and easily available to read online with all its chapters.

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This novel is based on the dark side of marriage and divorce. It’s a romantic genre story to read with the characterization of couple  Christina Steele  the Divorcee following up with many incidents around.

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The novel Marrying the Ugly Heir for Truth and Wealth comes under the authorship of Eleven Jewells.

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Marrying the Ugly Heir for Truth and Wealth


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