Marrying the Ugly Heir for Truth and Wealth chapter 77

Marrying the Ugly Heir for Truth and Wealth chapter 77

Chapter 77 A Show Of Power

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Sebastian’s face was calm; at this point in the situation there was no use in saying anything.

“In this world, nothing can sway Mr. Hadley’s thoughts, including you and me.”

Watching the woman’s slightly trembling figure, he let out a soft sigh. “If you lose control again, you won’t be qualified to stay by Mr. Hadley’s side.”

After saying that, he walked out.

Madison reined in her emotions, knowing she was a mature woman and understanding what Sebastian. had said.

If she continued to be overly dramatic, she would definitely be driven away by Nathaniel, so she couldn’t go on like this.

I definitely need to change my strategy…

After Christina finished bandaging Nathaniel’s wound, she asked, “That woman earlier is your assistant?”

“Yes, she has worked with Sebastian at Hadley Corporation for many years,” Nathaniel replied.

Christina didn’t respond but instead used the adhesive tape in her hand to help secure the gauze.


“What’s the matter? Jealous?” His husky voice was heard.

Christina shook her head, her face full of innocence. “No.”

There was no reason for her to be jealous, as coworker’s consisted of men and women.

Looking into Christina’s innocent and pure eyes that shimmered like water, Nathaniel couldn’t help. but wonder what she would look like when she was jealous.

When they returned home, Christina immediately went into the kitchen to cook dinner for Nathaniel.

After the busy day ended, she suddenly remembered that she had forgotten to reply to Vivian’s


The client had requested for a face-to-face session with her.

Christina hesitated for a moment. Generally, she had seen the client’s photo and taken their measurements, so her designs would be quite accurate.

After hesitating for a moment, she could only agree te a video discussion.

Vivian quickly agreed, and Julia wanted to make the most of their time, so she wanted to video chat with her right away.

“Sure, we can connect in ten minutes.”

After replying to the message, Christina immediately went into the dressing room and began rummaging through her belongings to find her gear.


Ten minutes later, the video call was connected.

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Julia was dressed magnificently, wearing a high-end limited-edition dress and her long wavy hair flowing beautifully. She took great care of herself, and at fifty years old, she still looked radiant and youthful.

“Ms. Ada, why are you wearing a mask? Are you trying to trick me?”

Christina could feel the pressure from Julia even through the screen, and it was evident that she must have been a very dominant person in her youth.

Christina’s mask came with a voice changer, so when she spoke, her voice had a repetitive electronic. tone that made it impossible for others to identify.

“I have one condition for taking up this job, and that is to keep my identity confidential. I hope you understand that.”

In fact, everyone in the circle knew about that, and she believed Vivian had also made it clear to the client.

Julia felt a bit unhappy, but she didn’t say anything.

She had heard earlier that this designer’s design had a unique style. Although the designer remained anonymous, it did not affect their professionalism.

“Julia, please tell me the measurements you’ve taken so I can record them.”

On the other end of the call, Helen sent over the clearly marked numbers. “By looking at these numbers, you can clearly know Mrs. Hadley’s body curves?”

A string of numbers was just a reference, after all. Some people possessed more defined muscles, while others had softer ones.

Christina carefully observed all the numbers and then saved them securely.

“Of course, that’s not enough. Julia, please stand up and give a spin in front of the camera.”

Julia had always been the one in control, but now she found it quite unusual to be taking orders from a much younger girl.

Even though she wasn’t very willing, she still stood up and twirled in front of the camera.

Her figure had not become bloated due to age; on the contrary, she maintained it quite well, showing great self-discipline.

A vivid image was enough for Christina to clearly remember the distribution of her client’s body’s


She held the pencil and quickly sketched Julia’s body proportions on the paper, taking note of them. “Have you finished stating your requests? Now it’s my turn, right?”

Julia sat in front of the camera, her expression solemn as if she were holding a meeting with her


Chapter 77 A Show Of Power

Christina put down her pen. “Julia, please speak.”

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“In three days, I want to see five design drawings for me to choose from. If I’m not satisfied, you’ll have to redraw them. If you show me the design drawing three times and I’m still not satisfied, then our collaboration will be canceled.”

Christina’s pupils constricted slightly. “Five design drawings in three days?”

If I were to draw three times, wouldn’t that be fifteen design drawings?

If Julia deliberately makes things difficult and refuses to cooperate, won’t all my efforts be in vain?

Seeing that Christina wasn’t responding, Julia spoke up again. “What’s the matter? Are you scared? If you don’t have the confidence, you can always refuse.

Christina couldn’t understand what Julia was trying to do.

She continuously raised the price just to seek my cooperation, and now she’s posing challenges to me?

Perhaps one could only say that Julia was a suspicious person and would not trust anyone too much or too easily.

“All right. I accept.”

Christina agreed, as she had great confidence in her own skills.

After disconnecting the call, she finally took off the mask from her face and let out a sigh of relief.

“You’re done?”

Nathaniel walked in with a glass of milk, handing it to her.

“I found that your mom is quite suspicious as if she doesn’t trust me,” Christina said, taking a sip of her milk.

Nathaniel’s gaze darkened. Ever since I hadn’t divorced Christina, our relationship has become even

more tense.

“She’s always been like this, so you don’t need to worry too much. If you feel uncomfortable, just don’t accept it. It’s not like I can’t support you.”

He gently lifted her head and brushed aside her bangs. Underneath her delicate eyebrows, her were charming and captivating, like a clear spring.

Christina put down the empty milk cup, nodded, and hummed in acknowledgment like a well- behaved little kitten.


She had three chances, after all. If she couldn’t satisfy Julia in the end, she wouldn’t dwell on it either.

Nathaniel’s gaze fell upon her, taking in her delicate and dewy face that still retained traces of baby fat and her little rosy lips.

That sight made him really want to…

Take a bite.


As another new day arrived, Nathaniel went to the office to work as usual..

Madison didn’t go home the previous night, and she was busy tidying up the work desk early in the morning. When she heard footsteps, she turned around, and a brilliant smile lit up her face.

“Mr. Hadley, I’ve prepared some oatmeal for you. Would you like to have a bowl before you start working?”

Nathaniel, dressed in a well-tailored suit, strode confidently into the room, walking directly past. Madison.

“No need for that. Don’t prepare breakfast for me in the future,” he said as he walked to his desk and sat down, his gaze turning cold. “I don’t want Christina to misunderstand.”

His words pierced Madison’s heart like a sharp knife, and a flicker of disappointment flashed in her eyes, but she quickly concealed it.

In fact, she had recently noticed that Nathaniel was deliberately keeping a distance from her, maintaining a professional working relationship between them.

He was deliberately trying to appear aloof.

“Sorry, I’ll definitely be more mindful next time. I’m heading back to the headquarters now,” she said calmly, but in reality, every second of being in front of Nathaniel was tormenting her inside.

Nathaniel gave a faint hum of acknowledgment, and Madison walked out.

After leaving the branch office, Madison didn’t rush back but instead changed direction and headed to the shopping mall.

Marrying the Ugly Heir for Truth and Wealth

Marrying the Ugly Heir for Truth and Wealth

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"Marrying the Ugly Heir for Truth and Wealth" In order to uncover the truth, Christina Steele was forced to marry an unattractive and elderly heir from the Hadley family. But one night, she woke up to find that the rumored ugly man had transformed into a wealthy and handsome CEO. "Ahem, even so, you're still not my type," Christina declared. "Being Mrs. Hadley has its benefits." "Like what?" "Endless money, countless luxury houses." The big shot eagerly offered her an unlimited black card and a large set of keys. "Not interested!" "What about sex?" he asked, as he began unbuttoning his shirt.

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