Marrying the Ugly Heir for Truth and Wealth chapter 76

Marrying the Ugly Heir for Truth and Wealth chapter 76

Chapter 76 A Deal Worth Three Million

In the evening, Nathaniel was in the study, working on some documents.

Christina switched on her computer to check her email.

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She noticed an email from the person in charge of her design studio, who had not contacted her for a long time.

The email read: Ada, there’s an important client specifically requesting you, and they’re offering double the usual price.

Christina had started collaborating with this studio ever since she started attending university. Although there weren’t many clients there, the clients usually had high requirements for quality.

She could always design the most suitable gowns for her clients based on their body shape and temperament.

Therefore, she soon made a name for herself in the circle.

However, with her heavy study load at the university, she didn’t have the energy to focus on her part- time work, so she stopped taking orders for quite some time.

She hesitated for a moment, then replied to Vivian: I’ve been really busy lately, so I probably won’t have much spare time.

Vivian quickly replied: Would you like to take a look at the client’s information first? They offered a really good price as well. You might just change your mind.

Christina opened the details that Vivian sent over and saw that the price offered was three million.

Upon looking at the client’s photograph, she was astonished.

It’s Julia? She was just cursing at me at home today. If she knew that I was Ada, would she still be willing to wear my design?

“What are you looking at?”

Nathaniel, who just finished his work, walked up behind Christina and noticed her being lost in thought in front of the computer.

“Your mom wants to hire me to design a gown for her but she doesn’t know that I’m the designer behind it. So, do you think I should accept the job?”

Christina looked up at Nathaniel, anticipating his opinion.

Nathaniel unbuttoned his shirt, revealing his toned and strong muscles that looked especially perfect being illuminated by the light. As he raised his hand to change into his pajamas, the muscular lines of his arm connected with the muscles of his back, and be exuded an overwhelming sense of masculine


He didn’t notice that Christina’s eyes were sparkling like water as she looked at him. He casually replied, “Do as you please. Accept the offer if you want, or decline it if you don’t.”

Christina secretly swallowed her saliva and quickly averted her gaze.

Chapter 76 A Deal Worth Three Million

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“I want to accept it because she’s your mom, even though she doesn’t like me. But I don’t want things to get too awkward.”

It might still be acceptable to turn down the offer if she did not know the client’s details, but now that she knew, if she still deliberately declined, it would make her seem petty.

Nathaniel took the computer off the bed and, in one smooth motion, pulled Christina into hist embrace, holding her tightly before his strong chest.

He casually pulled up the sheets, burying them both in the darkness under the sheets.

“Darling, you’re so understanding. Let me reward you properly…”

The morning light streamed through the glass windows, filling the room with a warm and cozy atmosphere.

When Nathaniel woke up, Christina was lying in his arms. She was sound asleep, probably too tired from last night.

He kissed her forehead gently before getting out of bed.

When Christina woke up, she realized she was going to be late.

Enduring her sore body, she forced herself to get out of bed. After packing her things, she headed out.

Meanwhile, Julia, who still did not receive a response thought that Ada was trying to raise the price.

Thus, she called the studio and raised her offer to five million.

Her only condition was that the designer had to personally visit her and create the design on the spot.

After receiving the order, Vivian sent another message to Ada but did not receive a response for a long time.

Christina had been busy all day at the store. It wasn’t until she finished work in the evening that she remembered she had forgotten to help Nathaniel change his wound dressing again.

She made a phone call and found out that Nathaniel was still busy with his documents in the office.

After Sebastian provided the address, she hurriedly hailed a cab and rushed over.

It turned out that Hadley Corporation had set up a CEO’s office in each district, specifically to provide Nathaniel with a pleasant working environment when he was out of the office.

Inside the spacious office, Madison placed several documents on the desk.

“These urgent documents require your signature before we can proceed to the next step with them.”

Nathaniel hummed softly as he flipped open a document and focused on the text. When he was quiet, his cold and handsome face looked like a beautiful sculpture crafted by an artist, making it hard for people to take their eyes off him.

Every time Madison had the chance to admire this handsome face up close, she felt as if her shattered heart was pieced back together into a whole.

Chapter 76 A Deal Worth Three Million

Nathaniel quickly finished reading the document, signed it, and handed it to her.

“It’s so late now. You must be tired.”

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Madison had returned for some time, but this was the first time that Nathaniel had spoken to her with such a gentle attitude ever since she came back.

Madison couldn’t help but feel secretly delighted in her heart. She thought that even if the drive took five hours instead of one, it would still be worth it.

“It’s late now and not safe for you to go back at this hour. How about I book a hotel for you?” asked Sebastian, who was standing beside them.

Madison didn’t answer. Instead, she looked at Nathaniel and asked, “Mr. Hadley, don’t you live in Scenic Garden Manor?”

In every region across the country, there was a Scenic Garden Manor. The facilities and decorations were all modeled after the one that was located in the city center.

Sometimes, Nathaniel would even arrange for an assistant to be stationed at the specific Scenic Garden Manor where he would be staying, just to make his work more convenient.

Sebastian understood her meaning and explained, “Mr. Hadley and Mrs. Hadley live in their condominium, and I also stay at a hotel.”

Surprise flashed in Madison’s eyes, followed by a sense of loss.

Nathaniel and Christina live together!

Nathaniel had mysophobia, so whenever he went, he always stayed at the Scenic Garden Manor in that region and rarely stayed in hotels.

However, for Christina’s sake, he was now willing to live in a cramped condominium.

It was clear how deep his affection was toward her.

Madison’s shattered heart instantly cracked open once again as she lowered her gaze without responding.

At that moment, the door was pushed open.

“Does your hand hurt today? I forgot all about it! Why didn’t you remind me to change your dressing for you?” Christina complained.

She pouted as she walked over to Nathaniel. Without another word, she snatched the documents from his hands.

“How dare you-” Madison blurted out her warning instinctively.

However, before she could finish speaking, she was it with a cold glare from Nathaniel.

“Sorry, I forgot for a moment there,” she quickly apologized. She remembered that women were not allowed to touch Nathaniel.

But she had forgotten that only Christina could touch Nathaniel without causing him an allergic


Why couldn’t that person be me? What’s so great about Christina? What kind of charm does she possess?

Suddenly, a thought crossed Madison’s mind…

Christina helped Nathaniel undo the bandage, which hadn’t been changed the whole day. The wound hadn’t healed, and instead, there were even traces of blood.

This startled Christina.

“What’s the matter? Did you do any heavy work today?”

Sebastian quickly waved his hand. “That’s impossible, Mr. Hadley has been in the office all day today.”

Nathaniel gently rubbed her head with his other hand, leaning toward her ear and softly reminding her, “It’s because of last night… It was an accident.”

Christina’s checks instantly turned red, looking as if she had just applied blush. She pursed her thin lips and glared at him with annoyance.

Can’t you show some restraint when there are people around?

Madison watched from the side as Nathaniel and Christina whispered to each other, her eyes spilling with jealousy.

Before she had an emotional breakdown, she turned around and walked away.

Seeing the situation, Sebastian quickly stepped out as well, letting Nathaniel and Christina have some space to themselves.

He caught up with Madison and saw that she was already in tears. At that moment, he didn’t know what words to say to comfort her.

He was very skilled at handling his work and the documents in the office, but he really had no experience with this kind of situation.

“Don’t be sad. Mr. Hadley got married three years ago. You know that as well, don’t you?”

Madison wiped away her tears. As she was a strong-willed woman, she didn’t like to cry in front of others or receive other people’s sympathy.

“Why… Why can’t that woman be me!”

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Marrying the Ugly Heir for Truth and Wealth

Marrying the Ugly Heir for Truth and Wealth

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