Marrying the Ugly Heir for Truth and Wealth chapter 72

Marrying the Ugly Heir for Truth and Wealth chapter 72

Chapter 72 Special Privileges


Brayden’s heart raced with excitement as he looked at the person who had staggered into his arms.

“Brayden? What are you doing here?” Christina asked, a bit surprised.

It felt like encountering a familiar face in a foreign land.

Brayden was wearing an extremely simple white shirt with the cuffs folded back, revealing half of his clean and strong arms.

Standing under the moonlight, he appeared gentle and refined, like a character in a beautiful watercolor painting.

“I opened a studio nearby. What about you?” Brayden squatted down to help her pick up the fallen items.

Christina took the bag and said, “The company assigned me to manage a branch store here.”

“What a coincidence! How about we find somewhere near to sit for a bit?” Brayden suggested.

After hesitating for a moment, Christina agreed.

Meanwhile, in the city center.

Nathaniel had just finished a meeting.

Originally, the meeting was scheduled for tomorrow, but he made time to handle it in advance.

After the meeting ended, Madison walked over and said, “Mr. Hadley, let’s go for a run together tomorrow. Sebastian, would you like to join us?”

In the past, the three of them used to go running together quite often as a way to exercise their bodies. They would then enjoy breakfast together after their workout.

Madison really missed those days.

Although it wasn’t a date with Nathaniel, it still counted as a cherished memory between them.

Nathaniel stood up and glanced at them. “You and Sebastian go ahead. I have something to do tonight, and I’ll be back a bit late tomorrow.”

After saying that, he walked out.

Madison watched him leave with confusion, feeling a sense of loss in her heart.

Sebastian, seeing her like this, couldn’t help but gently remind her, “Mr. Hadley is going to see Mrs. Hadley.”

After saying that, he walked out.

Madison’s eyes dimmed, and her heart ached even more as if pierced by something sharp.

This was her first time seeing Nathaniel put in so much effort for a woman.

Unfortunately, that woman was not her.

In the café, Brayden and Christina ordered hot drinks and snacks.

“It’s been so long since we’ve seen each other after the last time we parted. I really didn’t expect to meet you here,” Brayden exclaimed.

Christina smiled slightly. “Yeah. Have you been busy lately?”

The two of them chatted casually, just like old classmates would.

Right as they were paying the bill, a dark figure walked straight up to the two of them from the


The figure was exuding a chilling aura, causing the surrounding temperature to drop by several degrees.

Christina was dumbfounded and in disbelief as she stared at the handsome and cold man in front of her.

Speak of the devil, and he shows up. Could it be that he knows magic and somehow knows when people are talking about him?

Nathaniel looked extremely displeased. “What are you guys doing?”

Brayden quickly spoke up before Christina could say anything. “Don’t get the wrong idea. We both work nearby, and Christina and I are just catching up as old classmates.”

Nathaniel’s expression was still gloomy as he reached out to grab Christina’s hand and led her outside.

Brayden clenched his fists, wanting to chase after them, but he knew that running after her would only cause more trouble for Christina.

After watching the two figures disappear from sight, he finally paid the bill and left.

“Nathaniel, what are you doing!” Christina felt extremely embarrassed.

He could have at least let me say goodbye to Brayden How awkward to leave without saying anything.

“How dare you ask me that? You should be asking yourself!”

Nathaniel, despite his exhaustion, made a special effort to come over, only to see her chatting and laughing with another man. How could he not be upset?

“How is it appropriate for a married woman like you to not return home this late at night and instead meet up with a man?”

Christina felt as if she had been doused with a bucket of cold water out of nowhere. “What are you talking about?”

I was just having a normal conversation with Brayden, yet he’s making it seem like I was cheating on him!

Nathaniel, feeling upset, crossed his arms and sulked in silence.

Christina’s expression was less than happy as well. She had been scolded for no reason despite having done nothing wrong.

The two of them stood silently, neither willing to take a step back and apologize to the other.

“I’m going back.”

After saying that, Nathaniel strode away.

Christina turned around, watching the tall figure in her sight gradually fade away. Her eyes welled with a thin layer of tears.

How annoying! Did he come here on purpose just to infuriate me?

Christina, who usually slept very well, was actually kept awake by her anger that night.

She hated herself for caring so much about Nathaniel’s unreasonable tantrums, but at the same time, she found herself growing more and more fond of him.

Otherwise, why would she feel heartache when he turned around and left?

The next day, after finishing up the tasks at the store, Christina began working on the design drafts.

For some reason, she suddenly felt the urge to return to downtown as soon as possible.

In the following days, she devoted herself to drawing the designs, almost forgetting to eat and sleep. She quickly completed the design drawing.

When Gina received the email, she praised Christina greatly.

“Christina, you work incredibly fast! I thought you wouldn’t be able to submit the draft to me until next week.”

“Ms. Tanner, please let me know once you’ve confirmed which one to use, and if there’s anything that needs to be changed, just tell me. I’ll definitely cooperate with you,” Christina said earnestly.

“You are indeed diligent. All right, I’ll contact you again.”

After hanging up the phone, Christina took a deep breath.

In truth, she wanted to complete the task quickly so she could return as soon as possible.

After work in the evening, Christina invited her coworkers to join her for dinner at a nearby pizza joint.

After spending some time together, everyone had become familiar with each other, so they did not -hold back when ordering food.

Chatting and laughing, they paid the bill and left after having a satisfying meal.

As they were discussing getting a taxi, Penny curiously asked, “Ms. Steele, where do you live?”

“I live in the staff dormitory. How about you guys?” Christina said.

The others looked puzzled and asked her, “We also live in the staff dormitory, so why aren’t you. staying with us?”

Christina didn’t understand why, either. Back when Sebastian first took her to the luxury condominium, he had said it was company-arranged accommodation.

“Could it be that the shop manager has some special privileges?” Christina guessed as this was the only explanation that made sense.

The rest shook their heads at the same time. “That can’t be it. The previous shop manager also lived with us.”

Christina’s heart skipped a beat as she suddenly guessed what was going on.

At that moment, in the city center.

Nathaniel flipped through the documents, his furrowed brows never relaxing as a grim expression remained on his face.

Sebastian stood to the side, holding his breath and exhaling softly while trying his best to make himself invisible.

Just then, Madison walked in, holding a file. “Mr. Hadley, the plans for next month are all in here.”

Nathaniel accepted the file and flipped through it, pulling out a few sheets of paper and placing them on the table.

“Implement this project first.”

Sebastian and Madison picked up the documents and looked through them together. These were plans, for building a hotel west of the city next month.

The lands at the west of the city were vast, and the transportation system there was well-developed. Despite that, there was only one resort.

According to Hadley Corporation’s plan, they would inspect the site next month and then compete for the land. If everything proceeded smoothly, building a hotel there shouldn’t be an issue.

“Isn’t it a bit too early for us to go there since the land auction is not until next month?” Madison asked.

She knew Nathaniel wouldn’t change his plans for no reason.

Sebastian had already guessed the reason. Wasn’t Christina recently sent on a business trip to the west of the city?

“I think it’s a good idea to go and scout ahead of time. I’ll start building connections right away,” Sebastian stated.

Nathaniel nodded. “Go ahead.”

Madison wanted to ask more questions, but Sebastian pulled her out of the office.

Marrying the Ugly Heir for Truth and Wealth

Marrying the Ugly Heir for Truth and Wealth

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