Marrying the Ugly Heir for Truth and Wealth chapter 43

Marrying the Ugly Heir for Truth and Wealth chapter 43

Chapter 43 Try To Persuade Him

As though she was afraid of being caught with a man in her room, Christina immediately shut the door behind her.

“Hurry up and go take a shower!” she said while shoving him into the bathroom and shutting the door.

Nathaniel snickered when he saw that almost everything in the bathroom was of a feminine color. There was a pink toothbrush, a pink towel, and a floral scent in the air.

It wasn’t long before he was done showering and stepped out of the bathroom. While waiting. Christina took a shower in the bathroom in the guest room. She looked really adorable with her face all red after blow-drying her hair.

She returned to her bedroom with two glasses of milk. “Here, drink this and go to bed,” she said while. handing him one.

It was already half past one at the time. Christina would never stay up so late if it weren’t because of work.

“Are you that eager to cuddle with me?” Nathaniel asked with a soft chuckle as he sipped on the milk.

Christina’s cheeks, which were already red from blow-drying her hair, got even redder after she heard that. He looked really tired while he was in the car earlier, and yet, he seems pretty energetic now. I feel like I’ve walked right into a trap by taking him in….

She gulped down her milk in one go and wiped the stain off the corner of her lips. “You’re sleeping on

the floor.”

Oh, no… I shouldn’t have teased her like that! She might actually make me sleep on the floor!

Nathaniel placed the glass down and wrapped his arms around Christina’s slender waist as the two of them lay down in bed.

Nathaniel caught a whiff of the faint, gentle fragrance from her hair as she snuggled in his arms,

“Could you leave earlier tomorrow?” Christina asked while looking at him with her crystal-clear eyes.

Granny doesn’t know that I’m married, so it’d be really hard for me to explain myself if she sees him. I shouldn’t have brought him into the house!

“You want me to leave through that back door again?” Nathaniel asked with a snort.

I’m the CEO of Hadley Corporation, and yet, I have to sneak in and out of my wife’s house? We’re a legally married couple!

“But my granny hasn’t seen you before. She doesn’t know about you at all, so you’ll scare her if she sees. you all of a sudden. How about I find an opportunity to formally introduce you two? That way, she’ll be more likely to accept you.”

“When will you introduce us?” he asked, seemingly excited.

Christina was only saying that to brush Nathaniel off as she wasn’t planning on bringing him home every day, but he took it very seriously.

When Nathaniel didn’t get a response from her, he shot her a gaze that said, “You’re not saying that just to brush me off, are you?”

Christina suggested. “How about the tenth of next month? It’s my granny’s birthday. I’ll get you two formally introduced then, okay?”

Sure enough, Nathaniel agreed to it in a heartbeat.

I can’t force Christina to stay in Scenic Garden Manor if she doesn’t want to, but I can’t be sneaking into her house every single time I come over either. If I can get on her granny’s good side, then it’ll make spending time with Christina a lot easier. I wouldn’t have to use the back door whenever I plan on staying over anymore. This is like killing two birds with one stone!

Feeling a lot better, Nathaniel leaned in close and gave her a gentle kiss on the earlobe. “You smell really nice. Darling”

Christina felt as though all the cells in her body were stimulated when she heard him call her “Darling” in that seductive voice of his.

He hardly addressed her so affectionately, which made it sound all the more intimate. Oh, my goodness! It feels like we’re a newlywed couple!

“Hurry up and go to sleep… Christina mumbled.

Nathaniel let out a soft chuckle in response.

Heh… Does she really think I’d be able to fall asleep like this? She looks like a newborn baby with her skin slightly pink from the hot shower. It makes me want to just hold her tight and love her right!

He then instinctively moved his lips down to Christina’s neck and gave her a gentle nibble.

Nathaniel thought he had hurt her when he heard a groan, only to look up and realize that she had already fallen asleep.

Wow… Am I really that unattractive? How is she able to sleep so soundly with a hot guy like me lying next to her?

He let out another chuckle and gave her an affectionate pinch on the nose before pulling her closer.

It wasn’t long before he, too, fell asleep.

The two of them then slept soundly until the rays of the morning sun shone through the window.

Christina was nestling on Nathaniel’s chest like a kitten as she whispered, “Come on, wake up! Granny just went out to buy breakfast, so you can leave through the front door.”

Nathaniel’s insanely busy work schedule would usually leave him sleep deprived, so he had not slept. that soundly in ages. Even when he did manage to get enough sleep, he would be tense from all that


The next thing Christina knew, he had grabbed her by the shoulders and pinned her against the bed. “Give me a morning kiss, will you?”

He then kissed her on the forehead before she could even respond.

His lips felt warm to the touch, and his body was exuding a faint masculine fragrance that got her heart

racing. It could be best described as the tempting scent of freshly ground coffee beans.

“Cut it out, will you? You need to get going before Granny comes home!” Christina exclaimed while pushing Nathaniel off her.

She then handed him his formal clothes and urged him to get changed.

Fortunately for her, Nathaniel gave her his full cooperation and was done changing fairly quickly. “Come and help me with my necktie,” he said to Christina, who had her back facing him.

The woman slowly turned around to see Nathaniel in his white dress shirt and a pair of slacks that accentuated his slender legs. His black necktie was hanging loosely from his shoulder.

As Christina was a fashion designer, she was familiar with neckties and got it done in just a few


Having gotten him dressed, Christina began dragging him out of the house. His black car was parked diagonally across the front door. She was about to shove him out the door when he turned around, wrapped his arm around her waist, and gave her a kiss on the lips.

“I’ll be on my way now, Darling!” Nathaniel said with a chuckle,

“Hurry up and get out of here!” Christina was burning bright red as she pushed him out and shut the door behind her.

After she ran back to her bedroom and saw his pajamas on the bed, she couldn’t stop thinking about. the kiss goodbye he just gave her.

Nathaniel and I sure have gotten a lot more intimate lately….

Christina hurriedly got dressed and headed out after a quick breakfast.

Nathaniel sent her a few short texts after she arrived at work, and the two of them started going about. their business as usual.

Christina’s phone started ringing all of a sudden at noon. She answered the call without checking the caller ID, only to hear Gideon asking, “Hey, Christina! Didn’t I tell you to show Nathaniel the collaboration proposal? It has been a week now! Why hasn’t he responded yet?”

“Oh, I showed it to him. He didn’t want to collaborate with you,” Christina replied with a frown.

In reality, she didn’t even ask Nathaniel about it.

“Then why didn’t you try to persuade him into collaborating? Talk to him about it every night or something! Why are you so stupid?” Gideon shouted angrily.

Angered, Christina snapped back at him, “Yes, that’s how stupid I am! We don’t even live together, so you can forget about using me to get anything out of him!”

She hated how the Steele family kept trying to use her to get closer to Nathaniel. That was especially the case since the Steele family’s company was in no position to collaborate with a huge company like Hadley Corporation.

“Are you saying that your marriage is fake?” I’ve heard rumors about Nathaniel avoiding women. Could it be that those rumors are actually true?

Marrying the Ugly Heir for Truth and Wealth

Marrying the Ugly Heir for Truth and Wealth

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Read Online "Marrying the Ugly Heir for Truth and Wealth" "Marrying the Ugly Heir for Truth and Wealth" is a touching and poignant novel by  that explores the themes of love, loss, and healing. Christina Steele is a USA Today and international bestselling author of contemporary , erotic romance, and romantic suspense novels.

Synopsis: Marrying the Ugly Heir for Truth and Wealth

"Marrying the Ugly Heir for Truth and Wealth" In order to uncover the truth, Christina Steele was forced to marry an unattractive and elderly heir from the Hadley family. But one night, she woke up to find that the rumored ugly man had transformed into a wealthy and handsome CEO. "Ahem, even so, you're still not my type," Christina declared. "Being Mrs. Hadley has its benefits." "Like what?" "Endless money, countless luxury houses." The big shot eagerly offered her an unlimited black card and a large set of keys. "Not interested!" "What about sex?" he asked, as he began unbuttoning his shirt.

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Marrying the Ugly Heir for Truth and Wealth
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Yes, of course, you will definitely enjoy this newest novel, Marrying the Ugly Heir for Truth and Wealth. It is getting popular and easily available to read online with all its chapters.

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This novel is based on the dark side of marriage and divorce. It’s a romantic genre story to read with the characterization of couple  Christina Steele  the Divorcee following up with many incidents around.

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The novel Marrying the Ugly Heir for Truth and Wealth comes under the authorship of Eleven Jewells.

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Marrying the Ugly Heir for Truth and Wealth


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