Marrying the Ugly Heir for Truth and Wealth chapter 24

Marrying the Ugly Heir for Truth and Wealth chapter 24

Chapter 24 Amending The Divorce Settlement Agreement

Christina’s heart felt like it’d been pounded by a blunt object.

Countless girls had pursued the dashing figure before her.

Brayden stared soulfully into the eyes of the ingenue before him as he anticipated her answer.

Christina recalled the night Brayden had heard of the news that she was married at the bar. She could. tell from his disappointed gaze that he minded greatly.

Christina imperceptibly exhaled to calm herself down before lifting her eyes once more. They were wiped clean from any remnants of dismay. “Thank you, Brayden. But Lonly see you as a brother.”

Brayden’s eyes widened as he struggled to come up with a reply.

Christina forced herself to appear relaxed, her eyes lighting up as she smiled. “I’m sure you’ve learned that night that I’m married now. My husband and I are deeply in love, and my heart and body belong. to him solely.

She accentuated the words “body” and “soul”.

Brayden would have to be a fool to fail to grasp what Christina was implying. She was politely rejecting

his advances.

It was great that the girl he admired had found happiness, even if it wasn’t with him.

Moreover, he wasn’t the type to become a homewrecker.

Brayden sighed lightly. “I’m sorry for disturbing you.”

At that, he turned to leave dejectedly.

The pace of his footsteps was unhurried. His shadow contrasted starkly with the bright surroundings as the sun’s rays beat down on him.

Christina stood rooted to the ground. Her ice cream had unknowingly melted. Despite the blazing-hot. sun, the tips of her fingers were ice-cold.

She’d lost her appetite when she was done wiping the melted ice cream from her fingers.

At that moment, a towering figure stepped out from the Maybach parked on the opposite side of the street. Nathaniel’s long legs brought him to Christina’s side in but a few strides.

Sensing a presence behind her, Christina subconsciously turned to have a look. Before she knew it. Nathaniel was already standing before her.

Christina’s eyes were as wide as saucers as she exclaimed, “How did you know I was here?”

Since when did he arrive? Did he overhear the entire conversation earlier?

If so, she was in huge trouble.

She had only mentioned Nathaniel as a means to an end.

Nathaniel was in a pleasant mood as his mind replayed Christina’s words to Brayden. A delightful smirk graced his devilishly handsome features. “Do you think it’d be difficult for me to track you down?”

Christina was rendered speechless.

Of course, as an heir of the Bradley family, he’d barely need to lift a finger to locate someone. How amazing.

She harrumphed and proceeded to open the gate to enter the front courtyard.

Nathaniel took advantage of the slightly ajar gate and slipped inside. The small space was neat and bursting with the colors of spring.

Christina had not foreseen his fleet-footedness. She tugged his arm toward the exit. “Hey! How could you trespass into others property?”

She did not want Nathaniel inside the house and hurried to pull him out. Alas, her limited strength didn’t even make him budge an inch.

His lips curled. “How would you consider this trespassing, Mrs. Hadley?”

They were married, therefore Christina’s grandmother was his as well,

Christina gave up using brute strength as she knew she could never win against him.

“Is there anything you want from me? If not, please leave. You’re disrupting me and Granny’s rest. She raised her head and questioned him seriously.

Her checks were puffed up indignantly as she gave him a dirty look.

Nathaniel pinched her cheeks and raised the divorce settlement agreement he was holding “Christina, this isn’t very comprehensive. Why don’t we head inside and go over the details?”

His tone of voice wasn’t half-hearted. Now that he wasn’t smiling, his aloof features appeared even more stern than usual.

Christina had copied the divorce settlement agreement from the internet. Hence, some terins would have to be modified.

She considered how it would look for her to be seen scuffling with a man at the doorstep and decided to take a step back to allow him entry.

The interior of the house was quaint. Instead of being minimalistic, it was decorated in a tastefully vintage style, whereby floral patterns could be seen everywhere in the sculpting of the fixtures.

There was also a light and refreshing fragrance in the air, reminiscent of what Nathaniel detected on Christina

Christina placed the ingredients she’d bought in the kitchen and washed her hands. She saw Nathaniel staring intently at the row of old photos after making her way out of the kitchen.

Those were old photos of Christina, her mother, and her grandmother.

She approached him and blocked his line of sight while holding out one hand “If there’s anything wrong with the divorce settlement agreement, let me amend it.”


Nathamel hadn’t even read the documents. “Too many of them don’t make any sense. It’s too difficult to put all of it into words right now. Perhaps I should stay to have more time to explain them to you?”


Christina had a gut feeling that she’d walked right into his trap. “You’re trying to buy time, aren’t you?”

She sorely regretted letting him in as he looked like the cat that got the cream.

Nathaniel had learned from his previous conflicts with Christina not to go head-to-head with her.

He stepped forward with his long legs and curved his muscular arm around Christina, effortlessly drawing her close.

“I’m merely acquiescing to your demands. Do you want a divorce or not? Follow me home if you don’t.” His incomparably chiseled face was magnified as he gazed down at Christina.

His distant voice was like the chilly December wind that blew past one’s cars.

The tables had turned on Christina. She couldn’t think of a reason to refuse Nathaniel since he was exceptionally cooperative.

Her delicate brows furrowed as she squirmed under his attention. “Well then, you may sit here and look through it at your own pace. Just circle whatever needs to be corrected, and I’ll fix it as soon as possible.”

Nathaniel muttered his agreement while Christina pushed him away and turned to enter her room.

Making a mental calculation, she decided she would have likely received a reply to her resume by then. As such, she turned on her laptop and checked her email.

Her heart was in her throat when she saw that Radiant Corporation had sent her an email notifying her that she’d been selected as an intern at their company.

“How awesome is it that I get to work at Radiant Corporation!” She read through the email several times and almost shrieked in excitement.

Christina scurried to her wardrobe to pick out an outfit for work the following day.

Nathaniel heard the commotion and set foot inside Christina’s brightly-lit room. The page showing that she was accepted for the interview was still displayed on her laptop.

He knew why she was over the moon after a cursory glance at her screen.

Nathaniel advised, “The one you’re holding is too plain. Pick another one.”

Christina was comparing her outfits in front of the mirror when he appeared behind her with his hands in his pockets,

It wouldn’t be appropriate to dress too cheaply while working at such a large company. However, she did not possess a large selection of clothes and only had a few that were relatively new.

Christina stuffed her clothes back into her wardrobe. “I’m going to work, not a beauty pageant”

The most important thing is that my clothes are neat. They don’t have to be fancy at all.


Even so, she couldn’t deny that, as a designer, the pieces she picked earlier were indeed a little too


Marrying the Ugly Heir for Truth and Wealth

Marrying the Ugly Heir for Truth and Wealth

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Read Online "Marrying the Ugly Heir for Truth and Wealth" "Marrying the Ugly Heir for Truth and Wealth" is a touching and poignant novel by  that explores the themes of love, loss, and healing. Christina Steele is a USA Today and international bestselling author of contemporary , erotic romance, and romantic suspense novels.

Synopsis: Marrying the Ugly Heir for Truth and Wealth

"Marrying the Ugly Heir for Truth and Wealth" In order to uncover the truth, Christina Steele was forced to marry an unattractive and elderly heir from the Hadley family. But one night, she woke up to find that the rumored ugly man had transformed into a wealthy and handsome CEO. "Ahem, even so, you're still not my type," Christina declared. "Being Mrs. Hadley has its benefits." "Like what?" "Endless money, countless luxury houses." The big shot eagerly offered her an unlimited black card and a large set of keys. "Not interested!" "What about sex?" he asked, as he began unbuttoning his shirt.

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Marrying the Ugly Heir for Truth and Wealth
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Yes, of course, you will definitely enjoy this newest novel, Marrying the Ugly Heir for Truth and Wealth. It is getting popular and easily available to read online with all its chapters.

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This novel is based on the dark side of marriage and divorce. It’s a romantic genre story to read with the characterization of couple  Christina Steele  the Divorcee following up with many incidents around.

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The novel Marrying the Ugly Heir for Truth and Wealth comes under the authorship of Eleven Jewells.

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“Marrying the Ugly Heir for Truth and Wealth” is a touching and poignant novel worth reading. Love, grief, and healing are universal themes that may be related to by anybody who has experienced the agony of losing a loved one. This novel is a must-read for anybody who appreciates inspirational tales of hope and redemption because of its gorgeous setting and engaging characters. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves contemporary romance or women’s fiction.. Read Complete Chapter Free “Marrying the Ugly Heir for Truth and Wealth” 
Marrying the Ugly Heir for Truth and Wealth


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