Enslaved To The Bond By Red Johnson Chapter 4

Enslaved To The Bond By Red Johnson Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Shock

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Gordon “I can’t believe Gray Crest got the tender to host the annual association of packs again,” I grit my teeth and stared out of the car window as my beta, Alexis, kept ranting to himself. He was trying to get a reaction out of me so that I could vent it out before we reached the pack. My fury doesn’t serve the pack members well. And I couldn’t care any less. “It’s always them,” Alexis continued. “I thought the war that happened between the rogues and Gray Crest would be the end, but f**k they are stubborn. Not surprise though. I have heard Gray Crest is a pack blessed by the moon goddess itself. It’s almost invinci…” he halted as I finally turned my eyes to him. “Keep talking and this might as well be your last day on earth,” I hissed. “No one in this world is invincible and GrayCrest will meet its demise soon,” Amongst all the werewolf packs in the country, Gray Crest has been crowned the strongest, wealthiest pack for decades now. The assholes get their way everywhere, whether it be hosting the association of packs, business or just anything in general. They were the biggest rivals of my pack, the Eclipse Moon, and if there was anything I ever wanted the most in my life, that was to destroy Gray Crest to the ground and make Eclipse Moon the strongest werewolf pack in the country and myself…the invincible alpha. And not just me, but there were plenty of packs waiting for that to happen. Many have failed, but still, the thirst for power was addictive as f**k for others to keep trying. “How?” Alexis inquired. “War will never help unless all the packs attack together. And as much as everyone hates Gray Crest, those alphas are a bunch of sissies. Nobody will fight a pack run by three alphas together. Logan, Noah and Asher Gray are not to be taken lightly.” “Did you forget who you are talking to?” I growled. “And those packs don’t have what I have. At the right time, I will have the right weapon needed to destroy Gray Crest to the ground,” Alexis shot me a look but he knew asking me too many questions wasn’t a good idea either. The car pulled into the driveway and I stormed inside, my skin crawling with annoyance. The annual association of packs was an event held every year, the tender for which was handed out by the Council Association. Not only being the host for that is a matter of pride and honor, but it’s also a great way to earn and network as packs from across the world attend this event. I really wanted the tender but, as always, Gray Crest and its minions got in the way. “I am going to destroy each one of them,” I snarled, storming into my bedroom. And the moment I walked inside…I froze. What the f**k? Whatever in hell happened to my bedroom? Why was it lighted by candles everywhere and what’s with the rose petals sprinkled on the floor and bed? My eyes fell on the arrangement of chilled champagne and two long-stemmed glasses on the coffee table and I was completely at a loss. What in heaven’s name was this nonsense? “Hi, sweetheart,” I turned around at the familiar female voice and blinked at the woman standing by the walk-in door dressed in nothing but a black lace bandeau bra and thong with heels that could kill. My eyes raked over her delectable body and my c**k hardened even if she was not the one I wanted at the moment. “Welcome home,” Alana, my luna and my legal wife smiled, scampering over to me and shutting the door with a slam. She was my wife and the luna of the pack but she wasn’t my…mate. At least not fated. She was my chosen mate, the face of the luna for Eclipse Moon, kind of like a brand ambassador. Having Alana didn’t mean I hadn’t found my fated mate or anything. I have. And she was right here, on the other side of this building. The thought of her made my breath hitch and my wolf responded immediately as I imagined inhaling her intoxicating scent. “Gordon?” I shook my head and turned my eyes to Alana. She smiled and raked her long arms around my neck. “Did you miss me?” she asked, brushing my lips with her thumb. “No,” Voss, my wolf rolled his eyes. “Not you,” “I have been gone just two days,” I replied. “And what’s this nonsense?” “Well, I missed you and this…” Alana smirked, her fingers curling around my erection. “I have news,” “What news?” I demanded, narrowing my eyes at her. “If this is some pack nonsense, wait till tomorrow. I am not in the mood.” “No,” she shook her head, dragging me to bed. “Not some pack news and about your mood…let me fix it,” “Alana…” she pressed her finger on my lips as she crawled up on my lap. She smelt like some expensive perfume and her usual scent. It did nothing for me, at least not at the moment. “Let me talk,” Alana whispered, kissing me swiftly. “I have some good news for you. You have no idea how much I was dying to share it with you.” I narrowed my eyes at her. What the hell was the matter? “Don’t beat about the bush. Get to the point, Alana. You know patience is not my thing.” She rolled her eyes and then grinned. “I am…I am pregnant,” she replied. “You are going to be a daddy, alpha,” What? “What?” I exclaimed. “Yes,” she giggled, looking pleased. “Just found out two days ago. I wanted to tell you right away but I thought I’d rather wait and tell you in person. Congratulations, your heir is on the way.” “f**k,” I hissed and grabbing her neck, I claimed her mouth hard. After the shitty two days with all the tender nonsense, this was a breath of fresh air. Even though Alana was a little delusional here about the heir part, I wasn’t that bad a monster to burst her bubble just yet. And it was my child, my blood nevertheless. She groaned, rubbing against me as she kissed me back with equal fervor, forcing a growl out of me in response. “Down on the bed,” I ordered, pulling away. “Now,” “Yes, sir,” she bit her lip, climbing down my lap and taking her position on the bed. As much as my pull towards her was barely there, I have to admit, Alana was a fine woman. She was stunning and sexy and an alpha by blood. She was the perfect luna material and belonged to a wealthy pack, the reason why I took her as my chosen mate. Other than the fact that we have known each other since childhood. Still, she was not…her. “On all fours,” I said, undoing my fly. “I am going to take you from behind,” “Your wish is my command,” she gave me a flirtatious smile, going down on all fours and hauling up her gorgeous ass for me to feast upon. “This is going to be rough and quick. I need my release,” I said and pulling down the tiny piece of cloth down her legs, I slammed straight into her, making her cry out loud. “f**k,” I closed my eyes as all her muscles clenched around me tightly. Wrapping my fingers around her red hair, I pulled back, exposing her neck to relish. “Oh yes,” she moaned as I grazed my teeth on her neck while relentlessly pounding onto her. “f**k yes…I missed this,” “Did you now?” I snarled. “Take this, take all the pleasure, baby. You pleased me a lot tonight.” “Mhmmm,” Alana groaned. “Say you love me…please, Gordon,” I grit my teeth, inching closer and closer to release. “You know I don’t believe in all that crap,” I answered, reaching out to message her clit. She indeed pleased me, so she deserved the pleasure. “You are my luna. Take that as a sign of my love. Now be a good girl and let it go. If I come before you, you ain’t getting anything.” I continued to pound onto her, venting out all my rage at Gray Crest. Alana moaned guilessly, throwing her head back, and it fueled me further as I built both of us up. “f**k,” she swore loudly as she came, her body falling limp on the bed. I let out a growl myself, following quickly and collapsing on top of her. It was one shattering orgasm with all the tension that had been building inside me for the last two days. This was not what I hoped for, to be honest. But it was great either way. “That was…amazing,” Alana smiled as I pulled out of her and started undressing. “What else do you got, daddy?” “Plenty,” I replied, crawling on top of her. “The night has just started, baby,” “Okay,” she murmured, caressing my face. “But are you happy about this? About the baby?” “Actions speak louder than words,” I answered. “Now, stop speaking because Voss is getting impatient,” “Gordon, really….are you happy? This is going to be your first child and the heir to this pack.” For f***s sake. “Yes, I am happy,” I rolled my eyes. “We will make the announcement tomorrow.” Alana grinned, throwing her arms around me. “I love you!” she giggled. “You love me, right?” Pulling away, her hazel eyes gazed back eagerly at me for the answer to a question she had asked a million times before. “It is me for you, right? It’s enough that I…” I pressed my finger on her lips and shot her a glare. “I made you the luna, didn’t I?” I snapped. “I don’t want this conversation again. You know how much that bugs me. Don’t ruin the night,” “Sorry,” she mumbled and then gave me an evil smile. “Let me make up to you, shall I?” “Now you are talking my language,” I smirked, moving back. “Go ahead then. Please me and I will reward you based on your performance.” “I will strive for an A, sir,” she smiled, her eyes falling on my erect c**k. Now this should be fun. _________________ Alana was fast asleep beside me as I tossed and turned, getting restless again. It was early in the morning but I was still fast awake and I knew it was my annoying wolf’s doing. “If you know that, I think it’s time you paid a visit to her then. It’s been two days.” he hissed. I rolled my eyes and sat up, finding no option but that. Sullenly, I threw on a robe around me and silently stalked out, not wanting a drama from Alana early in the morning. The pack house was pin-drop silent as I strolled over to the building just edging the main house and where…she lived. My fated mate and the woman I loathed, but at the same time the thought of whom made my heart stop with a feeling I didn’t appreciate. The woman who I had kept hidden from the world because she was a beauty that wasn’t meant to be seen by anyone else. Anyone but me. My stupid, wolfless, freak of a mate…Rose. Just outside the door to her room, something felt wrong. I couldn’t put my finger on that but something was wrong. For one, I wasn’t greeted with that usual intoxicating scent of hers. “Open the goddamn door,” Voss hissed, instantly going restless. “Now!” Punching in the passcodes that only I and Alexis knew, I opened the door and stomped inside and the moment I did, my body went cold while Voss let out a terrifying growl. So terrifying that it even startled me. “Where is she?” he snarled as my eyes took in the empty room which, until two days ago, was marked by her warm presence. It was all gone. No scent. No beguiling green eyes peering up at me. It was just an empty room now. Because my mate, and the woman meant to give me the fated heir of this pack, the child who was going to change my destiny….was gone. Rose was gone…

Enslaved To The Bond By Red Johnson PDF Download

Enslaved To The Bond By Red Johnson PDF Download

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: , Released: 06/06/2023 Native Language: English
The "Enslaved To The Bond By Red Johnson PDF Download" is a good book that is now available in PDF and ePub format for free download. “Red Johnson ” is a USA Today and international bestselling author of contemporary , erotic romance, and romantic suspense novels.

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Mateeee!!!" my wolf roared. I froze, my heart stopping the moment he let out that terrifying growl, all his senses attuning and focusing on the beguiling green eyes that met ours.   The damage was done. I have a mate now. Again.   _______   One fated encounter.   Two lives.   And a past that is willing to destroy it all.   22-year-old Rose had fought many silent battles all her life. But when the luna of her own pack sells hers to a pack of slave traders, Rose knew it was time to fight back for everything she had endured all along and find the life she always wanted.   After being destroyed by his own mate, the last thing alpha Noah Gray needed was another mate. An heir to the most powerful pack in the country, Noah had sworn never to fall into the trap of the matebond again. Never ever again.   However, as one fated encounter throws Noah and Rose into each other's lives, two broken souls, each with their own horrifying past, two lives are about to change in ways they never expected. Faced with the mate bond again as Noah reluctantly opens his life to Rose, little did he know that this time...it was going to cost him much more than a broken heart.   Because Rose had a secret.   A secret that could destroy not only them but two packs and several lives in its wake. A secret that was going to haunt her to the end of the Earth.   The secret also known as...alpha Gordon Vance.   As shadows of the past threaten their chance at a beautiful future, Rose is faced with the biggest truths of her existence and a choice that could cost her...her own life. Secrets, revenge and a fight for love, as Noah and Rose come together, two powerful enemies are about to face each other again while four lives will be changed forever in ways they never fathomed. Gray Crest Series #2: Each book in this series is a standalone and can be read individually. The Gray Crest Series in order (Each standalone) #1: The Mating Pact (Logan and Cora. Completed) #2 Enslaved to The Bond (Noah and Rose) #3: His Warrior Mate (Asher and Ivy. TBA)  

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Disclaimer: This book doesn't promote cheating or incestuous relationships. Noah Two and half years ago "Oh, Jace...." she moaned, throwing her head back. "This feels so good...oh right that way..." I think I have died. Because there was no other way for me to explain the way I was feeling as I stood outside her door. The girl I loved more than my own life. The girl who was made just for me, my mate and the woman who was going to be Mrs. Noah Gray in less than twelve hours. The girl who was now cradling her step-brother, naked and covered in sweat as she rode him. I knew I needed to speak, needed to say something, but I was...just blank. All I could do was stand and watch like a dummy as she leaned down and kissed him.I knew I was supposed to feel terrifying pain but all I felt was...nothing. Nothing at all. "Oh, Val...you are perfect," Jace hissed, grabbing a fistful of her hair and pulling her head back as he kissed her throat. "Forget, Noah...stay with me, baby," "Oh yeah..." Valerie moaned, her fingers curling into his hair just the way she did with me. This was exactly how she moaned by name, exactly how she kissed me. But I wasn't her step-brother. I was the man who dedicated all his life to her, worshiped her and loved her, unconditionally and madly. I was her mate. "Val...Valerie," the words finally decided to leave my mouth. The moment it did, both of them stopped and she turned her blue eyes to my face. They widened in shock and as our eyes locked, that's when it hit me...the pain. Because I finally got to witness the reality, the truth reflected in her beautiful eyes. I knew and understood every breath of hers, so all it took was one look to know that, unlike what my heart would love to believe, this wasn't just a mistake on her part, a momentary slip or a bad dream. It was exactly what it was and no excuse that I make on her part will change that. She was cheating on me. "Noah!" Valerie exclaimed, quickly climbing down Jace's lap, who was still in shock. "I will wait downstairs." I said quietly, unable to look at her as she desperately tried to cover herself with the duvet. I have seen that body uncountable times. I knew every curve and dip of hers, how her skin felt, how it tasted, and yet I couldn't look at her anymore. It felt like I was looking at a naked stranger and not the woman who was marked by me. My feet refused to move as I turned around and forced myself to climb down the stairs. It was just us here because her parents were out with mine, discussing some stuff after the rehearsal dinner was done. I was supposed to head out with my brothers for my bachelor's party and so was she with her friends. But Valerie left her purse at my place and when she didn't pick up my call, I decided to do a quick turnaround and hand it over. My brothers were still waiting outside.

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