Enslaved To The Bond By Red Johnson Chapter 3

Enslaved To The Bond By Red Johnson Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Mate or Mystery?

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She was my mate. No matter how hard I tried to deny that, as fear gripped my dead heart in it’s icy grip, I couldn’t. Because there it was again…the same feeling that led to my ruin two and a half years ago. That same unbinding pull, forcing me to gravitate towards the limp figure in front of me. Ignoring my obvious shock and despair, Noel continued to growl ferociously, suddenly furious to the point where I could feel his body getting uncomfortably warm. It was a sign that he was a breath away from losing his s**t. And the reason has to be the four pairs of eyes that gazed back at us, a continuous low snarl echoing in their throats as we continued to glare at each other. It didn’t take me long to put two and two together, though. These wolves, undeniably rogues, were after this girl for whatever reason. And that uneasiness inside me was her crying for help. But how can I feel her so strongly given I ran into her a few seconds ago and haven’t even marked her yet? Was it possible to feel your mate without the mark then? “I am going to kill these assholes,” Noel barked, startling me. He was furious, which was highly unlikely of him. My wolf never reacts on a whim. But these rogues tested him tonight. Because, of course…they went after his mate. “Noel, calm down,” I warned, really not wanting a m******e when I could barely think straight. However, Noel wasn’t in the mood to listen. He was enraged beyond control. The motherfuckers almost killed the girl and I could definitely smell blood and see the visible scratches and marks. Noel snarled again, ignoring me as he took a tentative step towards the wolves. Even though they stood their ground, I could sense they were wary. Noel was an alpha wolf after all. They stood no chance, regardless of their numbers. Ignoring my attempt to get back control, no, ignoring my existence altogether, Noel launched at the one closest to him. I was shocked as he curled his claws around his neck and sank his teeth into his flesh, biting off a good chunk of it. Blood started to ooze instantly from his neck and the rogue whimpered, desperately fighting to push him away. I was pretty sure he didn’t see that coming. But the others got the cue and, howling loudly, the rest of them darted away in the opposite direction. I swear, I didn’t see that coming either. Noel let out another growl before moving away and cleaning his bloodied muzzle on the dry forest floor. He shot a shrewd look at the almost dead rogue and then turned his gaze to the limp body on the floor. Her hands covered her face so I couldn’t even see what she looked like. Not that I wanted to. I wanted nothing to do with her. In fact, the vicious part of me was tempted to leave her there and run for my life. He stalked towards her, and my stomach coiled as he took a whiff of her scent. It was something very familiar, but also hard to articulate. “Don’t go near her,” I mumbled, almost wanting to run and crouch in a corner. “You want her to die?” my wolf demanded tartly. “Can’t you see sh…” Suddenly, he halted. No, not really halted, but froze, his eyes fixed on the tattered figure. I had no idea what he was doing as he moved closer and took another strong whiff of her scent. And again there was that coiling, curling sensation inside me. Her scent was pulling me to her. But something wasn’t normal. The moment her scent sank in, another very subtle one greeted me. It wasn’t repealing, nor was it appealing…it was just there. Almost like someone else’s presence lingering. “She is marked,” Noel whispered, distracting me. What? “Wait… what?” I mumbled, lost again. “You just f*****g claimed her as your mate and killed a bloody rogue out of fury. And now you are saying she is marked? Are you high?” “She is my mate,” he hissed, agitated. “But someone else has already marked her. That weird lingering scent is someone else’s mark on her. It’s subtle but potent, and it’s there.” Fuck. “What the hell? If she is already marked, how is she our mate?” I snapped, equally irritated. “And if she is marked then why isn’t she repealing us? The mark places a claim on the mate so that they repel everyone apart from the fated, isnt it?” “I don’t know what it is but I do know this girl is most definitely our mate!” Noel answered. “Repealing us does’t make sense.” I was completely blank, my brain refusing to work. “So you are saying,” I hissed. “That she is our mate, but someone else has already marked her?” “Precisely,” “How is that possible? How does this even work?” I exclaimed, feeling bewildered. “Weren’t we done with that already?” “Have you never heard of second-chance mates?” Noel shook his wolfy head in disdain.”She is our second chance.” “I do not want any chance, second or third!” I grimaced. “That’s not up to you or me, Noah,” Noel said softly. “But the thing is, we need to deal with her first. The rest can wait. Her heartbeat is getting slower. We need to rush her to the pack and get her treated. I don’t understand. Why isn’t she healing already?” “You think she is a human?” I whispered and, really, that was the last thing I needed. “No, I don’t think so but…” “But what?” “Her wolf is also almost too hard to sense,” he replied. “I can’t feel her strongly.” “But you sensed the bond?” I prompted. “I did. Most definitely. So did you,” What in hell? “Let’s just get her to the pack first,” Noel added hurriedly, sensing that I was just a blink away from being shocked to death. “We will figure the rest out later.” “Need to get my clothes first,” I grimaced. “I am not walking naked through the forest while carrying a half-dead unknown girl in my arms,” “Our mate,” “Half-dead, unknown girl,” I said firmly. “We can’t leave her behind, Noah. If they come back, they will kill her and it will be too late for us. I am afraid you have to walk naked through the forest with her,” Noel said. “Nobody is seeing you here. Don’t be a baby,” “What if she wakes up?” I grumbled, disgusted at the idea. “The last thing I need is for her to die out of shock,” “I don’t feel she will wake up anytime soon. And even if she does, your d**k is the last thing she will focus on, so please hurry,” I scowled at his bluntness, but I knew he was right. Much to my distaste, the mere thought of leaving her alone made me worry about her. If the rogues come back, they will not spare her. With no choice, I shifted back and weirdly realized that the storm had ceased and there were no dark clouds lingering in the sky either. It all seemed calm and composed, like nothing happened. Bending down, and trying to avoid the overpowering scent, I turned the girl over and blinked. Bloody hell. She was a mess. I had no idea what I was going to do next as I quickly changed into my clothes and picked her up back in my arms. Because sure as hell I would not take a mate again. Never again. But instead of worrying about that, I decided to focus on one thing at a time. And right now, I needed to get her treated. The Blue Hounds pack was where we were staying in order to investigate the slave traders. Alpha Jordan was a man in his late twenties and pretty welcoming. They had no choice but to welcome us anyway because, technically, Gray Crest somewhat owned the pack. It was hard to explain. “Don’t worry,” Jordan’s beta, Tyler muttered, as I waited outside their infirmary while the young pack doctor checked on her. “Our pack might not be as big and sophisticated as Gray Crest, but we have adept people with us. She is in good hands.” I wondered if he was taunting me but too stressed to bother, I ignored him and gave him a nod instead. “Who is she again?” he demanded after a beat. That was a question I had no answer to. Who was this girl? Why does she have to suddenly crash land in my life? Had she not been my mate, I wouldn’t have been so bothered. But she was. She was my MATE. Why? Why, after two and half years of hell, do I have to endure it again? Two and a half years ago, Valerie Briars landed in my life just like this. Well, maybe not so dramatic, and changed my life forever. For worse. I loved her; I loved her to the point of insanity, only to walk-in on her riding her step-brother the night before our wedding. I rejected her under the same altar where I was supposed to promise myself to her for the rest of my life. The pain that I endured after that, the horror…I do not want to relive that. Absolutely not. I did not deserve this and the moon goddess can f**k herself. Once this girl is awake and better, I will reject her and drop her off at wherever she came from. Judging from the way she was dressed, I assumed she was the girl who ran away from the clutches of those bastards. But she must have someone, right? “I don’t know,” I replied flatly. “I found her injured in the middle of the forest and brought her here. Could be one of the girls from the slave auction,” “f**k,” Tyler muttered. “What are you going to do with her?” “No idea,” I shrugged. “Let’s see what the doctors say.” “Very well,” he nodded. “I have some work to do, so I will leave you to this.” I nodded, and giving me a wave, he walked away. Distractedly, I wondered where Eli was and was about to call him when the door opened and the young doctor walked out, looking grim. Grim was not good. “How is she now?” I asked, and I could sense Noel tensing up too. “I… well, I don’t know how to explain,” she muttered, almost looking angry. “It’s bad, beta,” “What do you mean… bad?” “Her wounds are really deep from the attack,” she answered. ” And apart from that there are old wounds and scars covering her body too,” What? “I really don’t understand, doctor,” I grimaced. “Can you be clear?” “She could very well be a victim of abuse. And somehow, her healing is very slow. I am not sure what it is with her wolf, but I can’t sense it,” she answered. What the hell? “See? I told you!” Noel growled. “You mean she is a human or something?” I asked, my brain going blank. I just had no idea what to think anymore. What mystery was this woman? She was my mate, but she was already marked. She was abused and then possibly sold off to slave traders. And now there was something up with her wolf, too. What was going on? “No, not human. But her wolf isn’t strong enough to heal her as quickly as is natural. I don’t know what that is about, but what I can say is that she needs good care and a lot of rest,” the doctor muttered. “And she is terrified at the moment, so please be gentle.” “She is awake?” I mumbled, my stomach churning because that meant it was time I faced her. “Yeah, but I am going to inject her with sleeping meds soon, so if you want to talk to her in the meantime, you can,” she said. “I will be right back,” I nodded at her and as she walked away, I blankly stared at the door. Oh no, she was in there. My mate. “Oh,” I blinked as the doctor turned back. “I forgot to tell you the most important thing,” “There is more?” I squeaked. “She is pregnant,”

Enslaved To The Bond By Red Johnson PDF Download

Enslaved To The Bond By Red Johnson PDF Download

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The "Enslaved To The Bond By Red Johnson PDF Download" is a good book that is now available in PDF and ePub format for free download. “Red Johnson ” is a USA Today and international bestselling author of contemporary , erotic romance, and romantic suspense novels.

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Mateeee!!!" my wolf roared. I froze, my heart stopping the moment he let out that terrifying growl, all his senses attuning and focusing on the beguiling green eyes that met ours.   The damage was done. I have a mate now. Again.   _______   One fated encounter.   Two lives.   And a past that is willing to destroy it all.   22-year-old Rose had fought many silent battles all her life. But when the luna of her own pack sells hers to a pack of slave traders, Rose knew it was time to fight back for everything she had endured all along and find the life she always wanted.   After being destroyed by his own mate, the last thing alpha Noah Gray needed was another mate. An heir to the most powerful pack in the country, Noah had sworn never to fall into the trap of the matebond again. Never ever again.   However, as one fated encounter throws Noah and Rose into each other's lives, two broken souls, each with their own horrifying past, two lives are about to change in ways they never expected. Faced with the mate bond again as Noah reluctantly opens his life to Rose, little did he know that this time...it was going to cost him much more than a broken heart.   Because Rose had a secret.   A secret that could destroy not only them but two packs and several lives in its wake. A secret that was going to haunt her to the end of the Earth.   The secret also known as...alpha Gordon Vance.   As shadows of the past threaten their chance at a beautiful future, Rose is faced with the biggest truths of her existence and a choice that could cost her...her own life. Secrets, revenge and a fight for love, as Noah and Rose come together, two powerful enemies are about to face each other again while four lives will be changed forever in ways they never fathomed. Gray Crest Series #2: Each book in this series is a standalone and can be read individually. The Gray Crest Series in order (Each standalone) #1: The Mating Pact (Logan and Cora. Completed) #2 Enslaved to The Bond (Noah and Rose) #3: His Warrior Mate (Asher and Ivy. TBA)  

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Disclaimer: This book doesn't promote cheating or incestuous relationships. Noah Two and half years ago "Oh, Jace...." she moaned, throwing her head back. "This feels so good...oh right that way..." I think I have died. Because there was no other way for me to explain the way I was feeling as I stood outside her door. The girl I loved more than my own life. The girl who was made just for me, my mate and the woman who was going to be Mrs. Noah Gray in less than twelve hours. The girl who was now cradling her step-brother, naked and covered in sweat as she rode him. I knew I needed to speak, needed to say something, but I was...just blank. All I could do was stand and watch like a dummy as she leaned down and kissed him.I knew I was supposed to feel terrifying pain but all I felt was...nothing. Nothing at all. "Oh, Val...you are perfect," Jace hissed, grabbing a fistful of her hair and pulling her head back as he kissed her throat. "Forget, Noah...stay with me, baby," "Oh yeah..." Valerie moaned, her fingers curling into his hair just the way she did with me. This was exactly how she moaned by name, exactly how she kissed me. But I wasn't her step-brother. I was the man who dedicated all his life to her, worshiped her and loved her, unconditionally and madly. I was her mate. "Val...Valerie," the words finally decided to leave my mouth. The moment it did, both of them stopped and she turned her blue eyes to my face. They widened in shock and as our eyes locked, that's when it hit me...the pain. Because I finally got to witness the reality, the truth reflected in her beautiful eyes. I knew and understood every breath of hers, so all it took was one look to know that, unlike what my heart would love to believe, this wasn't just a mistake on her part, a momentary slip or a bad dream. It was exactly what it was and no excuse that I make on her part will change that. She was cheating on me. "Noah!" Valerie exclaimed, quickly climbing down Jace's lap, who was still in shock. "I will wait downstairs." I said quietly, unable to look at her as she desperately tried to cover herself with the duvet. I have seen that body uncountable times. I knew every curve and dip of hers, how her skin felt, how it tasted, and yet I couldn't look at her anymore. It felt like I was looking at a naked stranger and not the woman who was marked by me. My feet refused to move as I turned around and forced myself to climb down the stairs. It was just us here because her parents were out with mine, discussing some stuff after the rehearsal dinner was done. I was supposed to head out with my brothers for my bachelor's party and so was she with her friends. But Valerie left her purse at my place and when she didn't pick up my call, I decided to do a quick turnaround and hand it over. My brothers were still waiting outside.

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